10 Hideous And Unforgivable Things That “The Hulk” Has Done Till This Date.

10 Hideous And Unforgivable Things That “The Hulk” Has Done Till This Date.

The Hulk has done some very horrifying stuff over the years that have not been mind blowing. Thinking of stories for an almost indestructible being who talks with poor grammar must be a test. However, it doesn’t make it up for some of the choices encompassing Hulk any less shocking. None of these are sufficient enough to make us quit loving Marvel’s Jolly Green Giant. Nevertheless, they may have us doubting him, doubting ourselves and the sanctity of comics.

Here are the 10 Biggest WTF Things the Hulk Has Ever Done.

10. He Played Minor League Baseball While Masked In A Blackface

In a storyline from The Incredible Hulk #435 suitably titled “The Unnatural,” Hulk handles the issue of baseball’s steroid time in the most awful manner: with blackface. Like very 11-year-old boy’s fantasy, a residential community baseball manager discovers Hulk coolly tossing 200mph fastballs and offers him a contract. However, since he needs to figure out how to conceal his 8-foot-tall, half-ton building mass, sweetheart Betty Ross proposes that he should darken his skin. Why didn’t Mark McGwire think about that?


9. He Had An Incestuous Relationship With She-Hulk

The Hulk and his first cousin She-Hulk are really close. When youthful Bruce Banner was experiencing some really tough times after his dad killed his mother, he spent time with Jennifer Walters. It was the only thing that made him upbeat. Shockingly, his alter egogreen beast later repaid this generosity by attempting to bang her.

In “Basic Instinct” from 2000’s Incredible Hulk Annual, She-Hulk rejects his horny advances and he hops away crying in a whiny fit of rage. Unfortunately, he achieves his goal in the 2008 alternate universe of Old Man Logan. In that story an over radiated Bruce Banner is the primary antagonist of a post-apocalyptic California. Furthermore, he has produced a group of not really awesome inbreeds by doing the awful with his cousin. She doesn’t really show up in the comic and we wonder why. Nevertheless, the hillbilly Hulklings going around in trucker caps leave little uncertainty of their incestuous relationship.


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