10 Most Debated Marvel Vs DC Battles Everyone Would Love To See!

10 Most Debated Marvel Vs DC Battles Everyone Would Love To See!

When it comes to Superhero movies and comics, none deliver the same punch or keep its fans as interested as DC and Marvel. With superheroes going against supervillains in both universes, comic book readers and movie lovers alike are kept on the edge of their seats by the numerous battles of good over evil.

However, we wonder what would happen if some of the DC superheroes would go against some of the Marvel supervillains or if the Marvel Superheroes were to face some of the worst DC supervillains.

Here is a look at a few cross universe fights and our prediction as to who would win these fights.

1) Battle of the Gods- Thor vs. Darkseid

Thor is an Asgardian God, who has unmatched stamina, superhuman speed, superfast reflexes and he has the ability to regenerate wounded body parts. He also has control over Earth and using his hammer, he can destroy anything he wants.

Darkseid on the other hand is one of the newer gods and is unsure of his own powers. He has telekinetic and telepathic powers. His great speed means that he can react in a few nanoseconds, he also has immeasurable physical strength which he can increase at will. This God can also teleport himself across the universe and can even interchange the position of a few planets. Moreover, his omega beams can destroy any living organism.

This battle of Gods would certainly result in the destruction of a few planets or galaxies, but with his immense strength and powers, we believe that Darkseid would emerge victorious, unless, of course, if Thor unleashes his “Warrior Madness”, which would make things difficult for Darkseid.

2) Catfight – Black Widow vs. Catwoman

This catfight between the most powerful women in both the universe would be a sight to see.

With her immense training, superior fighting skills, unmatched intellect and resilience to all forms of biological attacks, the black widow is a formidable opponent. She not only uses her acrobatic skills and advanced martial arts tactics, but also manipulates her enemies with psychological warfare. She is a weapons expert and has had extensive training in espionage.

Catwoman, uses themed weapons, is an expert fighter and her training on the whip comes handy in battle.

A fight between these two would certainly result with Black Widow becoming victorious, with her training, resilience and physical abilities overcoming the Cat. Although we are sure that Selina Kyle would have a few surprises up her sleeves.

3) Evil over good? Green Lantern vs. Magneto

With his ring, Green Lantern is one of the toughest defenders of the universe. The ring gives him superhuman strength and the ability to create objects out of thin air, create force fields and move at superhuman speeds.

Magneto, is one of the most powerful mutants and can manipulate all forms of metal through electromagnetic fields. He can levitate himself, turn invisible and make an indestructible force field. He can teleport himself and create wormholes, moreover, he is a genius.

A fight between these two would be too close to call, but we believe that Magneto would emerge victorious.

4) Battle of Wits- Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor

Iron man is a genius engineer/Playboy. His suit gives him strength, durability and power and he is one of the most loved superheroes in the marvel universe.

Lex Luthor, like Iron Man, is a human, but his unmatched intelligence makes him one of the most formidable supervillains in the DC Universe. His intelligence gives him the ability to design suits and weapons that give him the ability to defeat other heroes.

A fight between these two would be a treat to watch. But Iron Man’s superior fighting skills would be no match for Luthor’s Kryptonite or any of his other tricks, and we believe that Iron Man would emerge victorious.

5) Alien vs. AI- Martian Manhunter vs. Ultron

The Martian’s wide range of powers makes him more powerful than any of the other justice league members. His superhuman strength, regeneration, self-sustenance, shape-shifting abilities among others makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Ultron is one of the most powerfull villain’s in the Marvel universe, he can control the minds of his opponents, can self-repair, and his circuitry gives him the ability to restructure himself at will.

A battle between these two would definitely result in the Martian emerging victorious, unless fire, the Manhunter’s only weakness is involved.

6) Man vs. Mutant- Batman vs. Deadpool

Batman might not have any superpowers, but his hand experience in hand to hand combat, lethal gadgets and unmatched genius makes him more powerful than any of the other justice league members. His abilities are s extensive, that he can easily take on all of the other justice league members even if they all turned against him.

Meanwhile, Deadpool, is a marvel supervillain with unmatched regenerative abilities, and he can resist all form of telepathic and psychic control. He is a skilled swordsman and expert martial artist. He can survive decapitation and even incineration.

A fight between these two would result in Batman coming out on top.

7) Enhanced Men- Captain America vs. Brainiac

The super-soldier-serum has transformed the captain from an ordinary human into someone with superhuman strength, speed, durability, endurance and healing potential. He is an excellent commander and has multiple martial art abilities.

Brainiac, in the other hand has super intelligence, and has the abilities to create devices that can overpower even the strongest members of the Justice League.

With the gadgets and intelligence that Brainiac has, he can very easily defeat Captain America, although, it’ll be the captain who will emerge victorious in hand to hand combat.

8) Tough Women – Wonder Woman vs Dark Phoenix

Wonder Woman is the most powerful woman in the DC universe, with powers like accelerated healing, superior intelligence, wisdom and military prowess. She can fly, has superior vision and her “lasso of truth” forces anyone confined by it to tell the truth. On top of that, she is also the queen of the amazons.

Dark Phoenix, formerly Jean Grey of the X-men, is a force not be reckoned with. She is the most powerful villain that the X-men has ever faced. Being an omega level mutant, her powers border on the unnatural. Apart from having advanced telekinetic and telepathic powers, she can also fly, manipulate cosmic and electromagnetic forces, teleport and survive in any kind of atmosphere. She can resurrect the dead and transform life from one person to another.

A fight between Wonder Woman and Dark Phoenix would be one you want to stay miles away from. It would be an intense, powerful battle but would certainly result with Dark Phoenix Winning, unless Wonder Woman gets help from the Justice League.

9) Brawn over Brains – Hulk Vs. Doomsday

Hulk is the strongest and most resilient member of the Avengers. With the ability to endure any kind of explosion or impact and the ability to regenerate and resist injury, he is an extremely tough opponent. How strong he is depends on how angry he gets. And it is certain that THE HULK will smash his way through anything in his path regardless of its size, speed or nature unless Bruce Banner intervenes.

Doomsday, on the other hand, has accelerated healing abilities and weapons that can kill any opponent, he can survive in the harshest of environments and is one of the few villain’s that can stand against the entire Justice League and still have a chance at winning.

A fight between these two would be one of pure strength and resistance. But after a long and grueling fight, it is the Hulk that will stand victorious.

10) Battle of Gods – Superman vs. Thanos

Superman’s love for humanity and superior abilities makes him the most popular and loved superhero of all time. He has superhuman strength, speed, hearing and visual abilities and along with his superior intelligence, he can overpower even the strongest villain’s. His only weakness however is kryptonite and even a small piece of it in the wrong hands can kill him.

Thanos, being a titanian eternal, has superior hand-to-hand combat training, superhuman strength, telepathy and telekinetic abilities. He can teleport, travel through time, move through alternate universes and can absorb and project huge quantities of cosmic rays.

A fight between these two would result in the destruction of a few galaxies at least, but superman would undoubtedly emerge victorious. The only way Thanos has a chance at winning is if he acquires kryptonite and uses it against him.

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