10 Most Greatest And Powerful Villains In The MCU

10 Most Greatest And Powerful Villains In The MCU

Movies based on comic books have not been bigger, but every film requires a supervillain that memorable. As stakes rising and Marvel’s universes continue to unite heroes against an enemy, villains will need to up their game. Here is a list of the 10 most Powerful Marvel Villains.


Ultron might have been made famous on The Avengers: Age of Ultron but the comic book version is more dangerous. Hank Pym created Ultron using his mind as a blueprint, giving A.I. genius-level intellect. Constructing a new body from Adamantium, Ultron’s powers go beyond superstrength, flight, and speed. He is very hard to kill turning on every villain who wanted to bring him back to life.


When Jean Grey was the ‘Marvel Girl,’ the writers of the X-Men decided to surprise readers by making her the most powerful mutant. Exposing Jean to a lethal radiation, she then emerged as the ‘Phoenix,’ a physical version of the Phoenix Force.’ Her powers corrupted her and drove Jean insane, and she wiped out alien worlds by accident. Wielding telekinetic power beyond any of her friends, Phoenix ended her life to prevent more death. Even though the publisher later revealed that it was not Jean, but a copy of her made by the Phoenix Force.


The Mad Titan joined Avengers universe after their first team-up, suggesting that Earth’s encounter with cosmic weapons was just the beginning. In the comics, ancient beings created a race of Eternals in order to defend Earth, but when Thanos was born, the genes he had shared with Eternals’ sworn enemies were clear. To prove his love to Death, Thanos killed billions of innocents across space.


All X-Men fans know the Summers brothers, codenamed Cyclops and Havok, and they can launch powerful energy attacks. Scott, with beams from his eyes, and Alex, released beams in waves or along his arms. But it is the third Summers brother, Gabriel, who is the most powerful. Since he can control energy in every form, Gabriel can deflect Cyclops’ eye beams, and resist psychic attacks.


Created to fight the Fantastic Four, Galactus is not an alien, or a god, he is a mix of both. Galactus is a god-like embodiment of cosmos that most beings cannot perceive and has to feed on living planets to stay alive. Even Reed Richards could not tell where Galactus’ powers ended, but exploiting the weak spots has saved Earth many times.


Many Marvel villains claim to be a threat to the universe but very few can state that they are a universe. When The Beyonder was introduced as an antagonist of Marvel’s “Secret Wars,” it was revealed that he was an entire universe known as ‘The Beyond.’  His powers are impressive, and he can banish demons, destroy, resurrect, and reshape beings. He had able to defeated Death.


When a race from Marvel’s Negative Zone seeded worlds with alien spores, they could not have predicted that one would grow into Annihilus. Annihilus had set out to destroy the life that he saw as a threat. This includes the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and every other Marvel superhero team. It is very hard to know what is actually scarier: the Cosmic Control Rod he wields, superstrength and immortality or the Centurions – 200 superpowered aliens from Negative Zone’s planets.


Five thousand years before mutants came into the Marvel Universe, there was Apocalypse. He was born with grey skin, and blue lips and his tribe left him to die. But he was discovered by warriors who recognized him as “En Sabah Nur.” Apocalypse had taken a new name and revealed more mutant powers than any Marvel character. He could reshape his body, strength, speed, and everything else and there was no challenge the villain could not change to defeat.


All Marvel fans know the story of Adam Warlock, a hero who was engineered to be a perfect and highly-evolved human. Adam then encountered Magus, the leader of evil who led the empire across enslaved worlds. With powers of “Quantum Magic” beyond Warlock, the twist came when Magus had revealed that he was Adam Warlock, who got corrupted and grew powerful. Warlock used Soul Gem to bring Magus down, but the empire and limitless power make him the most powerful villain in Marvel’s multiverse.


Victor Von Doom was left with a parent lost to a demon, and one to a tyrant, and he put his energy into righting those wrongs. With his mother’s mysticism with science, his brilliance landed him a scholarship to America. But an experiment left his face scarred; he blamed on, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Doctor Doom is one of Marvel’s brilliant and villainous figures.

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