10 Rare And Gorgeous Pictures Of Melissa Rauch That You’ve Not Seen Before.

Bernadette was launched in the Big Bang Theory as a temporary character, but soon the creators of BBT realized that Melissa has tons of potential and should be cast as a permanent on the show, and then rest is the history. In just a couple of episodes Melissa won the hearts of the audience, and in today’s scenario, she has countless appreciation groups on Facebook and millions of followers on Instagram. She has done mind boggling photoshoots for all the big guns in the magazine world bagged many awards and A-Lister movie roles! In this post, we have gathered some of the best photos of Melissa Rauch that you probably hadn’t seen before because the internet had hidden it away from our readers, so buckle up and enjoy this roller coaster ride with one and only Melissa Rauch – The Geek Queen of Big Bang Theory!




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