10 Reasons Why Marvel Won’t Give ANamor Movie

Namor the Sub-Mariner is a really cool comic book character. He has an abundance of extraordinary powers, has punched Nazis along with Captain America, and clearly tells Invisible Woman every one of the things youthful Fantastic Four fans are thinking. A Namor film is much awaited. However, there’s a number of reasons why Marvel will never give our most loved Atlantean his own film.

1. Question of rights

Sometime in the distant past, the rights to a Namor film were held by Universal Pictures. Does Marvel have the rights now? That depends on upon who you ask. Marvel Joe Quesada said Marvel had the rights in 2012. After a year, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige affirmed Namor still had its rights with Universal. After a year, Feige portrayed a speculative Namor film as one that Marvel would make instead of another company, yet immediately included that there are various complex issues that would need to be covered up before it could happen.


2. Many Worlds

The Marvel Cinematic Universe motion pictures have taken us from Tony Stark’s West Coast play area to an East Coast alien combat zone. Things being what they are, why doesn’t Namor fit into this huge picture? That’s because we don’t simply get the superhero since we’d need to clarify where he originates from. The main issue is that there will be excessively numerous universes for Marvel to explore at one time.

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