10 Reasons Why Marvel Won’t Give ANamor Movie

3. Unthinkable backstory

One of the problems in Namor’s comic foundation is that he has some truly cool superhero bonafides. After a retcon or two, Marvel set up that Namor battled alongside Captain America in World War II. The first Captain America film and the Agent Carter TV program established an extremely human World War II. The only superpowered individuals in the battle were Captain America and the Red Skull. A true to life Namor would lack this fascinating backstory and would leave viewers pondering what he and his kin were doing amid this time of fierce overall change.


4. Most Awful Kryptonite Ever

When Namor is in water, he’s somewhat of a Superman himself, ready to lift up to 100 tons. Ashore, he starts to lose his powers. Furthermore, if he’s out of the water sufficiently long, he turns out to be just somewhat stronger than a normal person. In the end, without direct contact with water, Namor will die. This is apparently the most noticeably awful Kryptonite ever. To crush Namor, you need to keep him far from water. Or you could simply contaminate the water. What number of Marvel films could occur underwater?

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