11 Fantastic Superhero TV Shows Ordered By Various Networks In Next 2 Years.

In the upcoming years, our TV sets are all about Cowls and Capes! There are currently 58 comic book based TV shows that have been ordered for production or in the script-writing process by TV networks. There have been situations in the past where people loved Superhero TV shows a lot like 1960’s Batman show, Superman’s Lois & Clarke in 90s, etc. but it was never this huge! Just imagine, you are surfing channels, and you can easily 2 or 3 superhero shows playing simultaneously. Doesn’t it sound like Geek Utopia? Here are the names of the top 11 upcoming comic book based TV shows that we all are going to binge on :-

1. Powerless – DC (NBC) Mid 2017

2. Krypton – DC (Syfy) Late 2017


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