11 Times Marvel’s Prime Characters Involved In Graphic And Absurd Intimacies In Comic Books!

Marvel comics became popular in the first place by involving the personal and emotional struggles of the superheroes on the comic book pages. When DC was struggling to make the battles between good and evil at colossal cosmic levels, Marvel was showing Peter Parker risking his life to take few pictures to make some quick bucks, and that’s where Marvel turned the tables, and rest is history. As Marvel’s characters always gave us clear insights about how they feel about the conditions of their lives and the people around them, readers felt more invested. Staying true to its root, Marvel hasn’t restricted itself from showing what happens behind the closed bedroom doors of extremely dashing Superheroes lives and, to be frank, some of them were pretty enjoyable, long awaited moments and others were quite absurd! This post is all about showing you guys those obscure moments of Marvel Heroes that may not settle with you easily, but they are worth exploring. Go ahead, drown yourself in the comic book guilty pleasures!

1. Ant-Man IN the Wasp


2. Wolverine and Magneto’s Wife

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