15 Mega-Powerful DC Villains Who Can Obliterate Marvel’s Cinematic Avengers In A Snap!

15 Mega-Powerful DC Villains Who Can Obliterate Marvel’s Cinematic Avengers In A Snap!

Since their inception, the MCU’s Avengers have always found a way to topple their nefarious foes. The team of Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, accompanied by other heroes, like Scarlet Witch, Black Panther and Spider-Man, have no shortage of power among their ranks. They stopped Loki, unplugged Ultron, and even apprehended Baron Zemo, none of which are any small feat. The issue is, the MCU Avengers have not come close to facing enemies as vastly powerful as their contemporaries in DC’s Justice League.

The heroes at DC have truly unstoppable villains. That is by design, as most of the heroes in the Justice League are considered demigods themselves, and their antagonist have equal or more stopping power. Some come from different planets, different dimensions, and then there are some who could bend reality itself. Even with all members present, there are just some threats in the DC universe that the MCU Avengers wouldn’t be able to stop. For instance, if the Justice League were to disappear from Earth One, and the MCU Avengers were to take over, we can think of at least 15 Supervillains who would obliterate Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Here we go!


The Anti-Monitor is the main antagonist for one of DC’s most memorable crossover events, Crisis on Infinite Earths. In that story, The Monitor, who watches over the various universes in the multiverse, waged war against The Anti-Monitor, who sought to destroy as many universes as he could. He is a colossal cosmic menace, who has the highest death count of any DC villain thus far.

The Anti-Monitor’s powers are vast. Probably his most devastating power is the ability to absorb the energies of his surroundings into himself. He went even as far as absorbing the energies of entire universes. He has near limitless cosmic powers, something that is sure to cause trouble for the Avengers, who are mostly human, and can be killed by conventional means. He consumed thousands of positive-matter universes to increase his power, and he personally battled scores of the multiverse’s strongest heroes simultaneously.


Known as the “Renegade Guardian,” Krona is a former member of the Guardians of the Universe, the powerful beings charged with the safekeeping of the emotional spectrum entities, like Ion, the living embodiment of the Green Lantern Corps’ power. He became obsessed with the origin of the universe, and was even able to use time travel in hopes to “peek” at the beginning of time. As he gazed at this moment, reality itself fragmented, causing a wave of evil to spread across the universe, creating The Anti-Monitor.

Krona is a tormented soul, seeking the knowledge of how the universe began. He can perform mind control, and is considered immortal. He has mental defenses that can prevent anyone from discovering his exact location by telepathic means, so there is really no stopping him. He can destroy entire planets, and would easily destroy Iron Man, Black Widow or even the Hulk.


Few have dared to cross the path of Black Adam. He has gone blow for blow with the Man of Steel. He has laughed in the face of respected sorcerer Dr. Fate, and almost matches Jay Garrick in speed during combat. Black Adam took a sustained hit from Power Girl’s laser vision, and with his gold armor melting around him, survived and continued to fight.

During the World War 3 storyline, he massacred millions of innocent civilians in the nation of Bialya, in grief over his wife’s death. In that same story, he drove the powerful telepath J’onn J’onzz insane, and was able to implant memories into the martian’s head. In one instance, it took the combined forces of the Justice League of America, the Justice Society of America, and the Teen Titans to him take down. He is also imbued with god-like stamina, swiftness, strength, wisdom, power, and courage.


Nekron is the dark lord of the underworld, and being the complete ruler of “The Land of The Unliving,” comes with a few perks. For instance, Nekron, who founded the Black Lantern Corps with Black Hand as his first disciple, can command and draw power from the souls and spirits of all who have ever died. This is portrayed in Blackest Night, where Nekron enlists legions of deceased heroes and villains to his cause as he battles the Justice League.

He has the touch of death, meaning any contact with him can kill you, making it easier for him to convert you into one of his soldiers. This would be useful against the Avengers, as Nekron could use Quicksilver, who died in Age of Ultron, as psychological warfare. Also, because he is not “alive” as we understand it, he is immortal, returning to The Land of The Unliving, every time he “dies.”


Superboy Prime punched reality. Yes, you read that right. The Superman from Earth Prime, an Earth where the heroes of DC are in comics, was able to distort years of reality with a single punch. Raised on Earth Prime, Superboy Prime — also named Clark — had his powers manifest much later in life, occurring when a comet flies by. When the Anti-Monitor destroyed universes in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth Prime was a casualty of that destruction. Superboy managed to help the heroes defeat the Anti-Monitor, but harbored a grudge.

He felt that Earth One, the main Earth of DC’s continuity, was the wrong earth to save, wishing it was Earth Prime instead. He then punched reality, and made his way to Earth One for revenge. He has all the powers of Superman, but is dangerously unhinged, killing multiple heroes during the Infinite Crisis event. The Avengers would never stand a chance against such naked rage and power, just like the DC multiverse’s collected heroes almost didn’t.


Harnessing greed from the Emotional Spectrum, Larfleeze is the sole Orange Lantern. That means he can harness the energy meant for an entire corps, and that his power is amplified by being its sole user. Staying in contact with his power battery, he uses its power to create orange constructs of people who have been killed by him. He can then control these avatars as his own personal army. His potent level of greed gives him extreme control of his powers, and he can maintain an entire corps of constructs, even when separated from his battery.

With such power, he could create a construct army to take down the human members of the Avengers, and create traps and cages for the rest. He has fought the entire Green Lantern Corps using his constructs, and has even defended himself against the much-vaunted Guardians of The Universe from Oa. Larfleeze is certainly nothing to sneeze at!


Mostly recognized as the main antagonist in the Our Worlds At War event, Imperiex is the embodiment of pure energy. Contained in humanoid shaped armor, this cosmic leviathan dwarfs even the biggest planets with its impossible size. With enough power to induce another Big Bang event, this massive force of maliciousness, went toe to toe with Superboy Prime, and destroyed Doomsday with one blast.

Once he spotted imperfections in the fabric of the universe, his plan was to destroy it, and create a new one in its place. Imperiex can also control probes, or android duplicates of himself, which, while being smaller in size, still manage to be immensely powerful and larger than most heroes in the MCU, and it took all of them combined — hero and villain alike — to take him down. Seeing as Superboy and Doomsday resemble Hulk and Thor in levels of strength and resiliency, Imperiex has an edge on the most powerful members of the Avengers, which spells bad things for the group as a whole.


There is only one man wicked enough be called of the “Prince of Darkness,” and that is Eclipso. Created in 1963, this character has been creating chaos, and feeding off rage, for decades. Eclipso is the pure manifestation of God’s Wrath and is even responsible for the Great Flood, of Biblical infamy. He has demonstrated the powers of flight, immortality, super speed, stamina, an advanced intellect, and he can possess various hosts, imbuing them with the evil that possesses him.

In Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, Eclipso, using the Heart of Darkness diamond, was able to possess many members of the Suicide Squad and Justice League, and turned them on their cohorts. The evil force can also strengthen his hosts, enhancing their capabilities once he possess themby preying upon their rage. Just think of what he could do with the Hulk!


Parallax, the entity of fear, was first seen possessing Green Lantern Hal Jordan, inciting him to go on a killing spree, murdering numerous Green Lanterns in a fit of rage. In Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, Parallax, using Hal, attempted to rewrite history to stop the destruction of his hometown, Coast City. He would attempt this by using vast amounts of energy, pulled from the universe by the Oan nergies used by the Guardians of the Universe to empower the Green Lantern Corps.

Taking the name as his own, Hal Jordan terrorized the DC universe as the villain Parallax, and held his footing against powerful members of The Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps. Once possessed by the entity, a host has all the powers of any Corps member, including creating devastating hard-light constructs and even affecting the fabric of space-time itself. Parallax can only be captured or contained, and we doubt The Avengers have the means to do either.


The ruthless ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid, is a galactic tyrant whose only interest is ending all life in the universe. He has an extended lifespan that stops him from aging, super-human strength, and can overpower Wonder Woman and Superman in hand to hand combat at the same time. In fact, he even took on the Justice League singlehanded, and only lost because he was teleported away.

His key weapon is his Omega Beams, which he emits from his eyes. He has complete control over them, changing the intensity and path of the beams at will. This allows him to maneuver the beams to hit their target. Once hit by the beams, targets are usually reduced to dust or sent away to wherever Darkseid wills. He can trap beings in a hellish reality with the Omega Sanction, and can use mind control to win you to his side. Darkseid is one of the Justice League’s most powerful foes, and will surely cause havoc against Marvel’s premiere fighting force. All Hail Darkseid!


Eobard Thawne might not be the only Reverse Flash, but he is surely the best. Hailing from the 25th century, Thawne was a scientist, obsessed with The Flash and his powers. He was able to recreate the circumstances that gave Barry Allen his abilities, and now has the same powers as The Flash. This includes moving past the speed of light, the ability to phase through objects, and in severe cases, he can time travel, once traveling back to when Barry was a boy, in hopes of killing him himself.

His knowledge of future tech would give Stark a headache, as Eobard possesses genius-level intellect. He can move faster than Thor, Hulk and Captain America; in fact, he would run circles around them. He can phase through War Machine’s armor, and remove his still-beating heart. Or he could time travel, and kidnap the Avengers as children, making sure they never assemble again.


Doomsday, the beast who killed Superman in Death of Superman, was born and bred to be an instrument of destruction. He can’t fly, but (like the Hulk) travels by leaping miles at a time. He even caught the Flash while the speedster was still in motion. He took on the entire Justice League, and even held them back while being partially restrained — literally destroying most of them with one arm tied behind his back.

He has fought and bested Darkseid in combat and killed Superman, laughing the whole time. Doomsday is rage personified, and will not stop, until what he is attacking stops moving. That is not good news for Tony Stark & Company, as the ruthless monster would tear through the Avengers with ease. The Hulk would give Doomsday trouble, but Doomsday will just begin an all-out assault on Banner, until he grew tired (as he did vs The Sentry), and impale him with the spikes around his body.


They say no one can resist the glare of Despero. An alien with a deep burning hatred for the Justice League, Despero has many tools that can take down the Avengers. His hypnotic third eye is directly connected to his brain, giving him telepathic powers that could both block, and dish out, psychic attacks. In one instance, he even managed to take out Martian Manhunter, a top telepath himself.

In hand to hand combat, he has bested Hourman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and even Superman. This could be attributed to his physical might, which is such that he could bench press the Rock of Eternity. On top of being strong, Despero is also unbelievably cunning, and savvy when it comes to battle tactics. His third eye can also be used for mind control, as Despero is famous for taking over his victims, and using them to do his bidding.


Trigon is one of the most powerful members of the DC universe. At birth, he killed everyone around him, including his mother, and managed to rule a planet at the age of one. By age 30, he had control over, and ruled, millions of worlds in his dimension. Being a powerful demon, Trigon has legions of demons at his disposal, and can command wormholes from his dimension to ours.

He also has a human form he can take to deceive those around him. Being of pure evil, Trigon has also drained the souls of millions from different worlds. Trigon could use a whole slew of his demonic powers to neutralize the Avengers, like energy projection, telepathy, super strength, virtual invulnerability, reality manipulation, and telekinesis. Top that with the fact that his is immortal, and Trigon would be too big a deal for Earth’s Mightiest to handle.


Mr. Mxyzptlk is an imp from the 5th dimension who could definitely OBLITERATE the Avengers. Let’s start by explaining that most 3rd dimensional rules don’t apply to Mr. Mxyzptlk, who is not limited by the physical laws of our Earth. He needs no nourishment, such as air or water, and can exist in any environment, like the bottom of the sea, or deep in outer space. He is not susceptible to any kind of real physical harm, and spends his time annoying superheroes like Superman.

With an unlimited ability to warp reality, Mr. Mxyzptlk can be a complete nuisance, but usually reserves his powers for pranks more than pure destruction. He is a trickster by nature, and will probably get under the skin of Marvel’s heroes, causing them to make mistakes and even turn on each other, which he would then capitalize on. His immense mastery of his powers makes him a credible threat to all.

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