7 Important Facts About Darth Bane – The Most Hideous Character In Star Wars Saga!

Sith’ari’ was considered to be the chosen one from among the Sith, and who was supposed to lead them and make them stronger. Lord Kopecz saw the force with Dessel and hence believed him to be the Sith’ari’. He also offered Dessel a place at the Sith Academy in Korriban. Dessel took this offer and left behind his past life forever by changing his name to Bane, which represented rage and hate to him.

Mastery of force, lightsaber combat and all the other learnings of the Sith were taught to Bane by the Lords at the academy. He made many enemies at the academy, but also found his love here. He was forbidden from learning the old ways of Sith as the preachers thought of them as being flawed. Promoting Bane and his class to the rank of the Dark Lord, they were sent to planet Ruusan to fight against the Jedi Army of Light. Since Bane did not agree with the philosophy of Brotherhood of Darkness, he decided to go to planet Lehon to get a better understanding of the dark side. On Lehon, he finds a temple that contains the Holocron of Darth Revan and after spending many weeks with this Holocron, he gets a lot of knowledge about Sith and the Dark Side.

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