8 Amazing Superhero Movies In 2017

3. Wonder Woman — June 2

Wonder Woman and her mythos merits a terrific, clear vision on silver screen. It should be one that brings out twentieth-century stories like Lawrence of Arabia and Ben-Hur. Patty Jenkins may have finally accomplished this in her Wonder Woman release in June. DC fans are hoping that this works out far better than Batman v Superman.
Wonder Woman will be a pioneer in the line of female-driven superhero motion pictures. This is an additional motivation to focus towards the film in the disappointing DC Extended Universe. Regardless of the possibility that Wonder Woman is the best DC motion picture by default, it’s already made its mark.

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming — July 7

We’re talking about Spider-Man: Homecoming from Jon Watts. While the greater part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been for the oldies, Tom Holland as Spidey will be two hours of adolescents being teenagers in a superhero world. It’s the very first actual youthful film in the MCU, one that ideally will be more Breakfast Club than Iron Man.


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