8 Major Revelations From Star Wars: Episode VIII.

6. Gareth Edwards Has A Cameo (And Rian Johnson’s In Rogue One)

Cameos by directors are extremely popular now in Star Wars. The most apropos to Episode VIII is that Gareth Edwards has a role. What he’s playing was difficult to make out, yet it has all the earmarks of being a Resistance soldier. So keep your eyes open in 2017.

Furthermore, Rian Johnson has a little role in Edwards’ Rogue One, and he took it on the grounds that he knew he had to be in the film. In it, he’s one of the Imperial officers keeping an eye on the Death Star laser. This reveals that we’ll see the Death Star accomplish more than just sitting in the sky.


5. The Movies They Watched In Preparation Promise Classic Star Wars

It’s amazingly regular for directors to show their cast and team motion pictures that have motivated the film and to pass on the tone they’re going for. That’s whyRian Johnson had a list of movies he and the group viewed to prep up. The list included Letter Never Sent, Bridge Over The River Kwai, Hooper, Sahara and The Dambusters. The most noteworthy according to Johnson was Twelve O’Clock High. Supposedly, the vibe of the World War II story goes through the film more than he anticipated.


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