9 Marvel Characters On TV Shows & Movies But How Should They Really Look?

Over the span of adapting their comic book properties to film, Marvel has rolled out enormous changes to their classic characters. Some were generally advantageous, while others have risked the magic that made those characters loved. In any case, it’s intriguing to see what was changed in the move to the silver screen.

1. Luke Cage

Luke Cage’s costume was quite silly. It included a silver headband and a yellow blouse open to the midriff. While it worked in Studio 54, it didn’t outlive the ’70s. By 1992 it was considered so cringe-worthy that Luke was portrayed tearing it in pieces on the cover of his own comic. In the TV series, Luke snatches a yellow shirt to wear while brandishing the metallic headpiece and cuffs from the experiment that gave him superpowers. The Netflix series also leans towards darker garments. As it is, Luke wears a ton of hoodies. Star Mike Colter stated that the dark hoodie was “symbolic because of Trayvon Martin.”


2. Daredevil

Netflix’s Daredevil series kept to coarse, road level heroics. Makers were anxious about undermining this practical approach with red spandex, and Daredevil spent a large portion of the first season battling crime in cargo pants. A look at his costume toward the end of the season uncovered some real changes from the comics. His well-known twofold Ds were gone, and the distinctive red colour scheme had been conditioned down to maroon. Most outstandingly, the customary skintight superhero ensemble was discarded for leather, giving the character a more armoured look. A marginally upgraded costume was presented in season two, which kept most of the new look.

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