8 Ways In Which Doctor Strange Is The New Iron Man.

4. Doctor Strange Is An Impeccable Starting Point For Newcomers

An awesome yet awful aspect about Doctor Strange is the manner in which it is totally different from the rest of the Marvel universe. Other than brief notice of the Avengers, the Infinity Stones and a brisk shot of the Avengers tower, there isn’t anything to state that the film happens in that same world. What’s more, this was Marvel’s intention from the beginning.
AS it is, if Doctor Strange is the character that is set to grapple the MCU for the next decade, then his first motion picture should be universally engaging. Furthermore, lots of in-jokes, references and associations with alternate superheroes is not the best approach to do that. All things considered, not everybody watches each Marvel motion picture.
This “standalone” is exactly similar Iron Man. Marvel’s ability to recount an independent story which focussed on only one hero helped crowds associate with Stark promptly and Doctor Strange as well.


3. Shared Critical And Commercial Acclaim

It’s conceivable that Doctor Strange could never have happened had the first Iron Man motion picture not clicked with the audience way back in 2008. Yet luckily, it was a thundering achievement. This allowed the Marvel universe to rotate around Tony Stark every step of the way. The character was referred to for all intents and purposes in each motion picture and showed up noticeably on anything that carried the Marvel brand, right from computer games to lunchboxes to t-shirts.
Clearly, that is extraordinary for the MCU. The ‘Iron Man impact’ which had everything the character touched swing to gold, was difficult to find. It was all thanks to a successful debut. What’s more, that is precisely what Doctor Strange has appreciated. As it is, it’s sat at an incredible 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and has acquired over $300 million dollars after approximately two weeks of release.
Given a strong foundation to expand on, it willwork well if the Doctor is to one day venture into Iron Man’s well-worn shoes.

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