9 Amazing Facts About Darth Talon

5. The Aftermath

Despite the fact that she sustained the energy from Skywalker, Talon brought in Darth Nihl jump and new reinforcements to capture the princess. They were met by two Jedi Knights, Anteres Draco and Ganner Kreig. In a fierce fight, Pel figured out how to escape on the Mynock. Talon boarded the ship too, but was pushed out by Draco. She and Nihl came back to Coruscant to Darth Krayt. Talon anticipated that she would be killed since she failed in her mission. However, after specifying that Cade Skywalker had been there, Krayt chose to spare her life.


6. Finding Skywalker

Krayt then told Talon to find Skywalker. Krayt wanted Skywalker because of him being the assumed last scion of the Darth Vader Bloodline. Not long after the episode on Vendaxa, Cade Skywalker came back to Coruscant trying to rescue the Jedi Knight Hosk Trey’ils. Skywalker effectively penetrated the Sith temple and released Trey’ils. However, he was hindered by Talon upon his escape course. Talon captured Trey’ils and fought with Skywalker in a duel. The duel was long and horrible. Skywalker was just about to conquer Talon when he was channeled to the Dark Side. Before Skywalker could execute Talon, Darth Nihl rose up out of the shadows where he had been watching, and stifled Skywalker into submission. Upon cross examination by Darth Kryat, Skywalker started to insult the Dark Lord. This made Talon attack him. Skywalker force pushed her against a wall and showed his capacity to utilize the force to heal and un-heal. After clarifying this, he forced open Talon’s recently healed wounds, almost slaughtering her. After observing this, Kryat demanded that he recuperate Talon, and started attracting Skywalker to the Dark Side.

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