Wonder Woman Vs Captain Marvel: Who Would Win And How?

Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel: Who would win?

 Fans of DC and Marvel love to size up their favorites against the rivals. The two mightiest female superheroes in these two universes are Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel respectively. They are first among equals, but, they both have extremely different origins.

Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel was an airforce pilot before she had an accident which fused her DNA with some alien and making her a super-being. She is renowned as the lady superhero who is at the forefront of the battle for equal remuneration for women. Her powers are at par with Vision or Scarlett Witch and she is often called as the Wonder Woman of the Marvel universe.

Recently during an interview Marvel Studios Head, Kevin Feige stated that Captain Marvel is going to be the mightiest superhero in the entire Marvel universe. Brie Larson is playing the part and she might replace Captain America as the leader of the Avengers in MCU’s Phase 4.

On the other hand, her rival is the Princess Diana of Themyscira, who is an Amazonian Goddess renowned as the Wonder Woman. She is among the founding members of “The Justice League”. She didn’t get her powers accidentally like Carol Danvers, rather, she was blessed with super-powers by Greek Gods who created Amazons. She has mentally directed her powers and become a mighty force in DC universe.

It is not easy to predict the outcome of a clash between these two extremely powerful females, but, let’s evaluate what they offer. Wonder Woman is known to be more powerful than the Superman and she has earlier lifted the hammer of Thor. Not only that, she also has the power of wisdom.

Her rival Captain Marvel has the ability to move extremely fast and fly and she also has the photon blasts power which are known to have ripped apart the Iron Man armor. She can also heal rapidly from any injuries sustained. Her only weakness is her rash nature. She is impulsive, careless and prone to losing control over things.

Wonder Woman’s weakness is against sharp penetrative weapons which Captain Marvel is known to use and although it is nearly impossible, she can be beaten if her Lasso is used against her (It has happened in the past). That’s why we believe that Captain Marvel has better chances of prevailing over the Amazonian in a face off.

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