7 Insane Superpowers of Iron Man You Didn’t Know About

7 Insane Superpowers of Iron Man You Didn’t Know About

Iron Man fans have had decades to know all about their favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. But still, they don’t know all about powers of Iron Man, especially the MCU Iron Man fans. Superpowers of Iron Man are listed here that you are unaware of.

1. Superhuman Response Time

We cannot say that Iron Man is as fast as a speedster like Quicksilver in processing everything, but he is not as slow as a normal human being either. When Tony Stark bonded with his Extremis Armour, it actually bonded to his nervous system giving him the ability to do what the suit can do in reality, i.e. respond to threats much faster.

2. Project Holographic Decoys

Imagine if you did not have to be at any place physically, and at the same time be at multiple places. Tony Stark has the ability to do that. He has formed such great technologies that he could plant his own decoys to actually trick the enemies into attacking him or even deal with his employees all at once.

3. He can store the suit inside his body

Well, enemies could think that it will be easy to beat Tony if his suit is taken away, but when Tony bonded with his Extremis Armour, he gained the ability to actually store the suit inside his bones through nano-mites. People may be surprised when coming to attack him thinking he does not have his suit on.

4. Access to world communication systems

You may think that Tony being a billionaire would easily have that, yes he does but when he bonded with his Extremis Armour, he actually gained the technical power to talk to anyone anywhere anytime without using any other technical support or equipment.

5. Freeze Beam

When you see Iron Man pointing his palm towards you, you know a repulsor blast is coming your way.This is the best amongst the powers of Iron Man But at the time when it does not work, his central chest weapon is capable of firing an Ultra-Freon beam that will Freeze the enemy right away. It is also capable firing strong Emps and magnetic fields.

6. Radar Avoidance

Superheroes might surprise their enemies by a surprising entrance, but Tony is actually able to hide in plain sight and avoid all sorts of radar and can shock all the enemies as they will not at all be able to see that where the attack is coming from since Tony will be using the Stealth mode on his suit being literally invisible.

7. Superhuman Healing

In his so many adventures, Tony got severely injured once and got the ability from the Weapon X program to actually heal. But he would not survive a direct gunshot to his head, still, he can with stand a lot of lethal blows and explosions which a normal human can not.

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