8 Reasons Why DC’s TV Shows Would Always Be Better Than Marvel’s

8 Reasons Why DC’s TV Shows Would Always Be Better Than Marvel’s

DC TV shows have been dominating the superhero genre on the smaller screen for like half a decade now. Marvel surely is good but the ratings and praises that DC receives for its TV shows are much higher Than Marvel Shows. Here are the reasons why DC has been on the top.

1. Accuracy

DC TV isn’t completely faithful to the comics, but neither is Marvel. But still, DC has been able to keep the shows much more close to the comics as compared to Marvel. ‘Constantine’ is a great example to explain this as it has been totally comic-accurate.

2. Standalone Stories

The best thing about DC TV shows is that it is free of any connection with the movies and can drive their own narrative without being concerned about the several movie aspects. On the other hand, Marvel being connected to the movie universe is kind of a liability for them.

3. Characters

One of the advantages DC has over Marvel is that its Iconic characters have been around for a far more longer period of time and the Marvel superheroes being featured are a little less popular compared to DC. This would attract more audiences for DC shows.

4. Experimentation

DC being so successful is not at all afraid to experiment new things to show their fans. ‘Gotham’ is the prime example of this as the show depicts a narrative totally altered but still inspired from the comics and Marvel is slowly catching up with them. DC is also bringing in so many now shows that carry a lot of variety and potential like Titans, etc.

5. Superheroes Galore

One of the best things about DC television is its insistence on having superheroes reach the full potential of their abilities. Marvel’s TV efforts have decided to take characters and ground them in a sense of reality. Marvel has taken a lot of time in the Origin stories and has been taking it too slow especially with the Netflix shows and fans tend to dislike this factor.

6. Tonal Variety

One of the biggest reasons why DC TV has been able to do so well is the tone that it carries around in all its shows. It tends to have a lighter tone that attracts a larger audience than that to a show with a darker tone and Marvel Netflix shows have been really dark in tone.

7. Connected Television Universe

DC has a connected TV universe (Arrowverse) which allows regular crossovers amongst shows which Marvel has only been teasing for so long. It is catching up with the crossover show- Defenders on Netflix.

8. Animation

DC has topped Marvel in terms of animation for a long time. The cartoons that have come along from DC have been impressive, to say the least, the most popular being Justice League and Batman: The Animated Series. Whereas, Marvel has not been able to produce iconic TV series and even pull up large audiences for its cartoons.

So, therefore DC TV is way ahead of Marvel TV verse. Inhumans is showing a lot of promise, but we will have to wait for a few months before reaching any conclusion on it. This is a big year for DC TV shows as well. Fans have loved them throughout the seasons. Flash Season 3 was disappointing for many fans, but if they can manage to pick themselves up in season 4, it will surely be a great thing for everyone. Only time will tell who fares better on the TV turf, Marvel or DC? Comment now and let us know your opinion as well!

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