10 Fascinating Facts About Sofia Vergara

6. She’s A Natural Blonde

For everybody who’s just been focusing on the Colombian sensation since she broke into Hollywood, this may be a startling disclosure. Turns out, this Latina is really a natural blonde! At a very early stage in her vocation, she was advised to color her hair with the aim that she would look all the more characteristically Latina.


5. Scarface Fan

Given her history on telenovelas, sunny, beachy Pepsi ads, and sitcoms, a movie like Scarface may appear like the last sort of film Vergara would appreciate. In any case, she obviously preferred the Al Pacino cult classic so much that it inspired her child’s name. As it is, her son, Manolo, was named after Steven Bauer’s Scarface character. He was the great looking right hand man to Al Pacino’s drug lord Tony Montana.

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