10 Huge Things The Hulk Has Done.

6. He Pretended To Be The Voice Of God To Trick Abomination Into Not Getting Back With His Ex-Wife

In Incredible Hulk #384, the Ravager of Worlds (was Emil Bronsky earlier on and Abomination currently) has fled to the sewers after an identity crisis. Later on, he turned into a self-selected guardian of vagrants and discovers religion. This drives him to attempt and win back his ex-wife. Apparently, she freaks out when she sees him (since he resembles the Abomination). Not comprehending what else to do, he abducts her. Around that same time Thanos has shrunken Hulk to six-inches tall and the little green mammoth hitches a ride on his most outstanding adversary’s shoulder. In this way, Hulk imitated God to screw with the Abomination.


5. He Leaves Umar Sexually Unsatisfied

In Defenders #3 Umar is a higher-dimensional being conceived from magic and is also Dormammu’s sister. She transforms the Strongest One There Is into his very own sex slave. Comic makers felt it was time that young people all around had a direct record of what it takes to have intercourse with and as a superhero. This included personal details of interest like to what extent the Hulk lasts in bed.

Having been caught by her brother, Hulk has no choice except to succumb to Umar the Unrelenting when she wants to relax and discovers Hulk’s brutish quality suited to her lewd needs. In spite of the way that Umar is the same size as a pin up model and the Hulk is the Hulk, she is still left unsatisfied.

This wouldn’t be the only time that the Queen of the Dark Dimension made the Hulk her consort. However, next time around Hulkster would score far better.


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