9 Marvel Characters AndHow Should Really Look

3. Star-Lord

In spite of the fact that the “Guardians of the Galaxy” name has been around since the ’60s, they were never a noteworthy part of the Marvel Universe. Furthermore, the version of the group that propelled the motion picture appeared in 2008. Since fans weren’t especially attachedan obscure property, James Gunn, the director, could roll out some enormous changes to the characters. In the comics, Star-Lord (genuine name Peter Quill) is a hero who gets the Guardians together as a sort of galactic police force. They even have spiffy outfits and a base on the mammoth severed head Knowhere.
Obviously, the film version of Star-Lord is more of a criminal than a cop.This required an extraordinary costume redesign. The uniform and logo were discarded for a leather jacket and T-shirt combo. The exemplary helmet was downsized to a faceplate, giving the character a less aggressive look. Furthermore, the bullet showering Kreemachine guns were exchanged for some PG-13 blasters. After the motion picture turned into a hit, the new costume was imported to the comics.


4. Thanos

Thanos has had a major effect in the MCU, in spite of standing for less than 30 seconds. This adoration for sitting is consistent with the comics, where the character is creatively named Space Throne. He can transport and go between dimensions. The comicThanos seems more dynamic than his film counterpart, who can be heard crying about collecting the Infinity Stones himself amid his post-credits appearance in Age of Ultron. Contrast that with the comic book Thanos, who was once spotted zooming around New York in a customized helicopter, pushing over kids. Thanos’ costume has been upgraded to give him a more armoured look, supplanting the skintight space spandex which was adored by comic artists. The blue-and-gold colour plan stays the same and the helmet is a different piece as opposed to being associated with the neck plate. The character’s customary purple complexion really made an appearance in The Avengers, yet was supplanted with a milder blue by Guardians of the Galaxy.

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