Top 5 Choices For Gotham City Sirens

3. Harm Ivy – Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood has proved her mettle on HBO’s hit series titled Westworld. Portrayingheartbreak, manipulation and aggression encompassing the character of Dolores, Wood could work wonders as Poison Ivy. Wood has demonstrated that she can move you with range of emotions rather easily. Margot Robbie and Evan Rachel Wood as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn respectively, would give some marvellous shots.


4. Dick Grayson – Steven Yeun

Without Dick Grayson, it would be difficult to have a Gotham-focused story. As it is, if you’re not going to include Batman as a noteworthy player in the Sirens motion picture, his ex-sidekick must have a role to play.
Also known as the Nightwing, Dick Grayson needs to have better skills in hand-to-hand combating, and have an urge to make the wisest decision, regardless of the circumstances.
Steven Yeun is the perfect fellow to play the role. As it is, he has six seasons of Glenn added to his repertoire. In addition to this, he has the right looks and is the perfect age for the role.

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