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10 Most Awesome Star Trek Villains Ever From Q To Khan.

10 Most Awesome Star Trek Villains Ever From Q To Khan.

Star Trek is a sci-fi series about humankind’s capacity to overcome differences and expand horizons. However, all that would be quite exhausting without some awesome villains. Here’s a list of the 10 best Star Trek reprobates ever.

1. Duras Sisters

Sisters Lursa and B’Etor of the House of Duras, actions drove the Empire into civil war. They had a background marked by working with Romulans to take control of Klingon politics. The Duras Sisters verged on murdering Picard’s team, yet some brisk work by Commander Data helped the Enterprise-D turn the tables on their Bird of Prey. However, the Federation flagship endured irreparable harm.


2. Q

The ubiquitous, transcendent Q is up here in simply because he’s not so much a miscreant. He simply adores disturbing Picard’s Enterprise. Of course, he can be a genuine torment at times, like when he attempted to entice Commander Riker with godly powers. However, he helped the Enterprise, and the Federation, by hurling the Enterprise into an encounter with another enormous villain on this rundown — the Borg.


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