Superheroes You Will Always Love To Look At.

Superheroes You Will Always Love To Look At.

While we all admire Superheroes for the wide range of superhuman abilities, powers, and personalities, etc. that they display, there are also some other interesting aspects on which these Super-beings can be judged. One such list is this compilation of 10 Superheroes with beautiful butts.


With the progress of time, Comics have also become more and more attractive explicit and bold. The character Starfire is an alien whose only means of communication are physical touch. Thus, the narrative demanded a highly attractive physical appearance complete with an eye catching ass.


Spiderman’s body hugging uniform and athletic persona make him, I mean, his masculine ass a great visual treat for his female fans and in fact his butt looks even more shapely than the Black Cat.

Power Girl

While fans can hardly stop talking about Power Girl’s captivating chest, her ass is not any less appealing. Her costume which leaves a lot of portions uncovered on the top hardly covers anything significant down below due to the absence of pants.


While fans didn’t like the story of Psylocke in the X-Men Apocalypse, the well-shaped ass of Olivia Munn was quite a treat for them.


Irrespective of the dominating physical presence of a Superhero, people still fantasize him/her from attractive perspectives. Thus, She Hulk makes quite a few heads turn with a great display of her ass even when she is a rampaging green monster.

Black Canary

The designers of Black Canary outfit made sure that this excellent combatant lost no ground when it came to looking ravishing, hot and well rounded. In fact, it would be apt to say that Black Canary created by Dinah Drake, has the best ass among all the Superheroes.


Catwoman’s villainous character goes well with the tightly hugging leather outfit, that amplified her butt to the visual delight of the audience when Christopher Nolan cast Anne Hathaway in the tights in ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’


Robin a.k.a. Dick Grayson is not only a handsome and master combatant who is a hit among the ladies, but, he is also shown as having a great ass in every part of the Nightwing. Now that DCEU is going to come up with his own film, the fans can only hope that whoever dons the role, should have a great masculine derriere.

Harley Quinn

Originally conceptualized as a part of an animated series for children, Harley Quinn’s character has strong attractive innuendos. Margot Robie’s performance as Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’ made her ass one of the highlights of the film with the other being the ‘Dead-Shot,’ by Will Smith.

Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is an eye candy as Black Widow in MCU films, and her costume has been a great reason why there is always a scene in every single MCU film featuring her or should we say her ass. No doubt, the Black Widow tops our list of Superheroes with kick-ass asses

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