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15 Characters That Will Probably Die In Game of Thrones Season 8

15 Characters That Will Probably Die In Game of Thrones Season 8

The season 7 has ended and now all we can do is predict how Game of Thrones Season 8 is going to be. Though there is speculation that we won’t get to see any episodes until 2019, fans will keep themselves busy reading the book series, graphic novels, and by speculating about the fates of the characters on the series. Also, we are all wondering which characters will stay until the end of season 8 and will continue to breathe in Westeros. These are some of the characters we think will probably die in the last season:

Lord Varys:

Dedicated to the welfare of the realm, Lord Varys has come a long way on the show. We think he will probably die in the last season. He is a character most of us have been indifferent to, but he has been useful.

The Mountain:

This is something we are all dying to watch! The mountain deserves to die and it would be epic if he was killed by the hound himself…the Clegane bowl would be epic!

Grey Worm:

The leader of the unsullied is loyal and dedicated but will probably die in the last season. He has been a nice character but it feels like he will die fighting some battle in the show.


The new master is a loyal follower of Cersei and she really trusts him. He has made dangerous things and will pay for the damage he caused. Cersei will lose a loyal sidekick if he dies.


The red woman did not have much role in season 7 but she did play an important role of uniting ice and fire. She also said that she will be back because she has to die in this country. This is the biggest hint that she will die in season 8.

Berric Dondarrion:

Death is not something new for Beric as he has died several times on the show before. In the seventh season, he lost his red priest Thoros of Myr who brought him back every time. So Beric will finally die for real in season 8.

Yara Greyjoy:

Yara was captured by her evil uncle and Theon abandoned her. Theon will probably try to save his sister but there is not much chance of her surviving season 8.

Tormund Giantsbane:

Tormund is a fan favorite but his life is at risk now that the wall has been taken down. Tormund will probably not come to the south and will die in the north where he belongs.

Euron Greyjoy:

Another anticipated death would be of Euron Greyjoy. He has caused enough damage already and would like him to die in the last season. Cersei will take full advantage of his partnership and he will die because of it.

Jorah Mormont:

Jorah has been very loyal to Dany and has returned to her side this season. He will probably die fighting in season 8 and Dany will be devastated. Jorah has played his part well till now but we sense his end is near.

Sansa Stark:

Sansa is the Stark that has the most chance of dying in the last season. She has come a long way even when the odds were against her and hopefully she will get a moment to shine in the last season before dying.

Arya Stark:

Arya will hopefully complete her list and kill the remaining people (except the hound we hope). She will kill some big character and will die after that. Her death will surely be very sad to watch as she is one of the best characters.

Another Dragon:

Dany has already lost one dragon and it was devastating because he became a white walker. After losing Viserion we are guessing she will lose another dragon, probably Drogon because he is her favorite. Losing a dragon is much more than losing a human character on the show seeing that there were only 3.

Jaime Lannister:

We did not even think that Jaime was going to survive season 7 but he did. He is probably going to die in the last season but we hope he does something amazing before dying. He is a very interesting character and his death will be a loss for the show.

Night king:

The Night king is doomed now as we have Jon and Dany coming for him. His reign will end and we will be ecstatic. It is the most highly anticipated death after Cersei on the show. Hopefully, we get to know who he was before he dies!

Cersei Lannister:

Cersei will die in the last season and who will kill her is a big question. No matter who kills her but Cersei will say goodbye to the show in the last season and probably in an epic way. The fans have been waiting for this since a long time now.

Daenerys Targaryen:

Dany is a fan favorite and that already puts her life in danger. She is a great leader and will definitely be a good ruler but her chances of surviving the last season are low. The reason of her death can’t be predicted right now. She might follow her father and become mad or will die at the hands of her enemies. We really hope this doesn’t happen!

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