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6 Star Trek Actors You Didn’t Know Were Gay In Real Life!

6 Star Trek Actors You Didn’t Know Were Gay In Real Life!

Life at times springs up surprises, that’s nothing new. It sends shock waves too, nothing out of the blue here either. But what if you get to know that some of the actors who you thought straight are actually gay?! Yup, I can see your eyeballs popping out of the socket.
Sexual preferences depend entirely on individuals. It’s their call and there’s nothing mean or underhanded about it. This article is not meant to hit anybody below the belt. It’s just an interesting tit bit of information that I thought I’d share with you folks. This makes for an interesting read and I’ll bet that you’re in for a shocker. Here we go…

1. Paul Winfield as Captain Terrell


2. David Ogden Stiers as Doctor Timicin

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