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8 Ways In Which Doctor Strange Is The New Iron Man.

8 Ways In Which Doctor Strange Is The New Iron Man.

Going by the healthy box-office records, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has another hit with Doctor Strange. Kevin Feige, the head honcho, was making movies like Daredevil, Elektra and Hulk barely ten years back. The company has learnt from its failures and Doctor Strange smashing success is a confirmation of the same. However, certain plot components and a considerable measure of Marvel’s characters are similar. As it is, Dr. Strange has more than a couple of similarities to a superhero that preceded him. We’re talking about Iron Man.
Here are eight ways Doctor Strange is fundamentally the new Iron Man…

8. Both Played By Celebrated Actors

Despite the fact that he was involved in a drug scandal and jail time before Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. was still an acclaimed Hollywood performer. Roles in films like Kiss Bang, David Fincher’s Zodiac and an Oscar-nominated 1992’s Chaplin established his position as a man with ability. Furthermore, the same can be said of Benedict Cumberbatch, minus the drugs.
He earned many awards for The Imitation Game, enraptured basically anyone who viewed an episode of Sherlock and has demonstrated his talent in everything from TV to drama. Both Downey and Cumberbatch are awesome actors, and that has helped them sell their individual B-list comic-book characters to viewers. Marvel has treated Doctor Strange like Iron Man by roping in a world class on-screen character.


7. The Visual Likenesses

The audiences love Tony Stark, and he’s immediately identifiable by his look and style. In fact, even individuals who don’t watch each and every Marvel film that releases, know that ‘that is Iron Man!’ from his face alone.
What’s more, the visual similitudes he imparts to Strange, i.e. the almost indistinguishable Balbo-style facial hair, the tanned skin, the dark hair, and significantly littler subtle elements like both heroes drawing power from a circular object put over the centre of the chest, will make it simpler for individuals, even subliminally, to acknowledge Strange as the MCU’s new focal character once Iron Man leaves.

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