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Peter Capaldi auditioned to play Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Peter Capaldi auditioned to play Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Peter Capaldi once auditioned to be in Star Trek – so get your time-travelling, sonic-screwdriving heads around that.

A documentary about Deep Space Nine is currently in production, and it’s been confirmed that, yep, the Doctor Who actor auditioned to play Sisko back in 1992.

Following a tweet from @TrekDocs, which showed notes from a UK casting session featuring Capaldi’s name, the official DS9 documentary Twitter account went one better by releasing images of two famous British actors auditioning for roles in the series.

 One being Peter Capaldi and the other Merlin star Anthony Head.
The DS9 documentary Twitter account also revealed that it had seen the footage of Capaldi’s audition and that – unsurprisingly – it was rather good.

While neither Capaldi nor Head had much luck bagging the role of Sisko – which eventually went to US actor Avery Brooks – there is always a chance that Capaldi could return to the Star Trek universe in a different form.

The now-experienced sci-fi actor will have a lot of time on his hands when he hangs up his role as the 12th Doctor to make way for his replacement Jodie Whittaker during this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special.

So we can definitely see the appeal of recruiting Capaldi in another Star Trek movie or the new Star Trek: Discovery TV series, which will hit screens later this month. Here’s hoping.

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