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Top 10 Most Powerful Jedi Who Fell In To The Darkside!

Top 10 Most Powerful Jedi Who Fell In To The Darkside!

We have here, a list of the 10 most fascinating Fallen Jedi. They’ve been ranked on the basis of their power, lightsaber skills, actions, wisdom and other qualities. It’s an amazing rundown and one that will definitely give you a deep insight into the redeemed Sith who are better known as the fallen Jedi.

10. Karness Muur

Murr was initially a highly respected Jedi Knight. He longed for control and got to be distinctly fascinated with the Dark Side. As the Great Schism ripped the Order, the Dark Jedi were banished and fled to Korriban. This was the home-world of the Sith. It ought to be noted that many don’t know the Sith were really a species that the Dark Jedi wound up subjugating and mating. Along these lines, they basically assimilated them and got to be distinctly referred to as ‘Sith’.

Muur dug much further into his alchemy ad sorcery after the enslavement of the Sith. This revolutionized both regions in the Dark Side for centuries to come. His aptitudes were practically unparalleled; he rose Sith magic higher than ever as he made ‘Sithspawn’, who were creatures of gigantic twisted power like Leviathans.

He was an unfathomable duellist and such skills further assisted the idea to the Sith people that he and his kindred Dark Jedi were Gods on account of their innovation. His most effective and vital possession was the Muur talisman. Inside it he could instill mind boggling measures of Dark Side power to the point where he could transform any untrained Force-sensitive being into his own thrall and make an armed force to govern the cosmic system with.

In spite of his inevitable demise, Muur could join his soul to his talisman and remain a powerful force all through the ages. At last his talisman was destroyed around 5000 years after his demise by Cade Skywalker who was Luke’s descendant.

9. Kreia

She was a well respected and effective Jedi Historian in her time. During the Mandalorian Wars Kreia was a loved Jedi Master. However, she fell into disgrace as her apprentice Revan, and her lessons were utilized for resisting the will of the Council to battle the Mandalorians head on and prompted to numerous Jedi following after Revan on this mission. As a result, she was discreetly exiled from the Order.

Thereafter she embraced herself to the Dark Side and inevitably got to be Darth Traya. She became one third of the acclaimed Sith Triumverate that would lead the cobbled leftovers of Revan’s Sith Empire after his reclamation. Indeed, even there she would inevitably be thrown away by her previous students as Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion betrayed her and ingested her Force control. This led to her being cut her off from the Force itself. Nevertheless, gradually and after some time she would re-build her association and look for revenge on both Jedi and Sith.

Kreia was an ace of numerous extraordinary Force powers. She has immense skills and control. Furthermore, she was able to take on Meetra Surik, the Jedi Exile, as her apprentice while covertly plotting to utilize her own vested interests. She figured out how to vanish in clear sight. Supported by re-association with the Force she could “shrink” herself so that no one would take notice of her. Traya could also wipe-out, supplant and control the memories of even Jedi Masters in order to further her own particular objectives.

She eventually met her end because of her last apprentice, Meetra Surik, after she saw Kreia for what she actually was. Be that as it may, her apprentices left their stamp on the cosmic system itself right from Revan onwards, and her impact would shape history for centuries to come.


8. Freedon Nadd

Nadd was once a skilled Jedi in the prior days of the Order. He went ahead to wind up a standout amongst the most capable and compelling Dark Lords of the Sith in his time.

Freedon Nadd was normally talented with the Force, ready to ace procedures that even Jedi Masters themselves had before he started his actual training under them. Nevertheless, his voracious craving to take in more got the better of him. He would in the long run slaughter his master and escape to the Dark Side with a goal to further his own interests.

Even after being trained at the feet of acclaimed Sith Lord, Naga Sadow, Nadd would betray him since he felt Sadow was no longer useful to him.  He then went on to enslave and rule the planet Onderon which he would govern for a century and carve it into his own particular vindictiveness. He was a capable duelist and a magnificent marksman. He used a short-bronze bladed lightsaber and a customized blaster that killed a large number Jedi. Later on, his soul kept on lingering in the darkness of Onderon long after his demise.

7. Darth Krayt

He was initially called A’Sharad Hett. He turned into the man who would reign over the galaxy. Krayt was the child of an unbelievable Knight before the Clone wars and a female Tusken Raider. Having been brought up with both Jedi and Sand People customs, Hett would follow in his father’s steps to join the Order after his father was executed because of Aurra Sing.

He gained fame amid the Clone Wars, achieving the rank of Knight and after that Master. He be-friended and went with Anakin and Obi-Wan on a few missions. Towards the end of the war, Hett survived Order 66 and the Jedi Purge. However, he couldn’t find any other survivors in the Force and though that he was the last Jedi reamaining. He came back to his home-world of Tatooine and got to be pioneer of the Tusken Raiders. Thereafter, he re-ignited their forceful nature to reclaim the farms they trusted the farmers had taken from them.

When his team drew closer to Lars property he was stunned to discover Obi-Wan Kenobi standing before him. Kenobi pleaded with him to stop his warmongering as he was dangerously close to falling on the Dark Side. Hett declined and the two battled a horrible duel which brought about the loss of Hett’s arm and Kenobi unmasking him. Both were huge mortifications as showing skin was prohibited among the Raiders and Hett could no longer use their conventional weapon with a single arm. Later on, he turned into a bounty hunter and crash landed on Korriban, which was the home-world of the Sith.

Once there, he learnt of the Dark Side. Later on, he was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and tormented unendingly. Thereafter, he met Vergere, who was a previous Jedi and detainee. She would go onto shape the system twice by means of her manipulations of Hett and later Jacen Solo. He got away and came back to Korriban where he covertly reconstituted the Sith Empire, abrogating the Rule of Two for a Rule of One. That one was the Empire itself. ‘One Sith’ grew in power and had Jacen’s Galactic Civil War divert intentions of his own plans. In the end he would uncover himself to Luke Skywalker when the two, Jedi and Sith came together, fought and vanquished the beast Abeloth.

Krayt was an expert at Jar’Kaifor the duration of his life. He readily employed two blades at once and it was this aptitude that made him a legend. His dominance of the Force was tremendous, to such an extent that its darkness could be felt by each and every Sith when he connected his will. Furthermore, his Force healing skills were mind-boggling. As it is, he was able to endure years of torment and wounds over numerous decades. He could recuperate himself every time to rise even stronger.

Following quite a while of self-stasis, Krayt would rise to lead the Sith against the Republic exactly 130 years after the Battle of Yavin when Luke was dead. He had the Republic and the Order come down on its knees once again, crushing their peace and ruled over the galaxy for almost a decade. Nevertheless, his abolishment of the Rule of Two brought about disdain among his closest who sought the crown for themselves. Treachery nearly had him killed. He rose one final time only to meet his definitive end at the hands of Cade Skywalker.

6. Ajunta Pall

He was a Jedi Master at the season of the First Great Schism. Furthermore, Ajunta Pall was the very first Dark Lord of the Sith. He was a worshiped Master during his time. In addition to this, he was scholarly and knowledgeable on Force legend. He found a lost secret; the key to making and forming life. Frightful of a power they saw as a horrifying presence, the Order marked Pall and his devotees as shocking pawns of the Dark Side and renounced them.

Pall was appalled by what he felt was egotism on the Order’s part and proclaimed war on the Jedi. This prompted the Hundred Year Darkness when Jedi battled the Dark Jedi in civil war. The High General drove his troops and slew more than twelve Jedi himself amid their last stand. Nevertheless, they were crushed in the long run and banished from the Republic.

After being thrown out, they settled on Korriban where they found a race of primitive Force-sensitives known as the Sith. After some time, the Dark Jedi would be venerated as Gods and rulers to the Sith. Pall, their pioneer, got to be distinctly adored as the ‘Dark Lord.’ He looked to extend his new Empire, assuming control on worlds like Ziost that turned into his capital and home-world.

After his demise, his soul persisted, alongside his insight into Alchemy. He spent the hundreds of years buried on Korriban, where he regretted his decisions in life that wound up bringing the mortal foes of the Jedi to the galaxy. He used to converse with Revan who in the end persuaded his soul to return towards the light, eventually allowing him to rest in peace in Oneness with the Force.

5. UlicQel-Droma

Ulic was a famous Jedi Knight in his time. He was a standout amongst the most complex creatures in Galactic history. He was also the Sith apprentice to Exar Kun with whom he seethed war on the Republic.

A skilled warrior, Qel-Droma was one of the best swordsmen of his time. This was a noteworthy deed considering he had poor eyesight. However, his control of the Force permitted him to “see” with much more prominent clarity and envision the movements of his rivals without difficulty.

Tragically he didn’t have practical skills which were required to battle the Dark Side and this prompted to his fall. After losing his mentor, Ulic set out to defeat the Dark Side permanently. He duelled with Exar Kun yet the duel was stopped by the soul of Sith Lord Marka Ragnos who declared them both worth successors to the Dark Side. He proclaimed Kun the Lord of the Sith and Ulic his apprentice.

He commanded the Force with more prominent normal aptitude than his master. In fact, it was said that Darth Sidious was only person to ever completely grasp the Dark Side with more prominent intensity and effectiveness than Ulic. Such was his dedication that he slew his brother after an awful duel. Nevertheless, this act made Jedi Grand Master Nomi Sunrider unleash a mass of pure light at him and strip him totally of his association with the Force.

Ulic had nothing now; neither his powers nor his confidence. He went into exile. Astonishingly, even after this, he held mind blowing skills with a lightsaber even though he had no association with the Force at all. Quite a long while later Nomi’s daughter, Vima, found out Qel-Droma as her Master while attempting to become a Jedi Knight. Ulic showed her the techniques for the Force. Through her, he was able to find internal peace. Furthermore, when he was shot by a hired soldier attempting to become famous, he went into the Force as an individual from the Light yet again.

4. Exar Kun

Kun was natural with the Force, and his fall to the Dark Side left him stronger after going into it. He learnt from the soul of Freedon Nadd and was proclaimed the new Dark Lord of the Sith by the soul of Marka Ragnos. Kun could control the Dark Side with expertise that very few others preceding or after him ever could. Adding to his enormous expertise with the Force was a characteristic proclivity for lightsaber battle. He was the first to make, and genuinely ace his well-known Double-Blade Lightsaber. It helped his massive ability with Form VI develop to remarkable levels.

In his ceaseless mission for more noteworthy power, he and UlicQel-Droma brought about the Sith War. Exar’s most well-known minute came after Ulic’s less than ideal assault on Coruscant. This prompted his trial and capture. Thereafter, Kun burst into the Senate Chamber and utilizing a Sith spell froze every one of the members present. He then surpassed the brain of the Supreme Chancellor to pronounce his message to the Republic, murdered him and afterward duelled his previous master Vodo Siosk-Baas to death amidst the senate lobby. Later on, Kun’s soul was trapped on Yavin 4.Many years later he impacts the fall of Kyp Durron to the Dark Side. In addition to this, he nearly killed Luke Skywalker before the Luke’s students consolidated their Force presence to exile Kun forever.

3. Anakin Skywalker

As the Chosen One, Skywalker was one of the most vital and powerful figures in the entire Galactic history. Conceived as an aftereffect of the Force itself making a champion to battle the Sith, Anakin had a Force potential more prominent than any other user in history until the introduction of his son.

He was trained under an extremely concerned and traditionalist Jedi Order. They saw him as both an equal potential risk as well as a saviour. However Obi-Wan Kenobi, his mentor, would battle a lot of that dread in his training of Anakin. Due to this, Anakin saw Obi-Wan as a father figure and as a faithful comrade. Kenobi had taught Anakin a rich history of lightsaber battle. In due time, he got to be the best practitioner of Form V.

His ability with a blade placed him in the top five of most skilled duellists of his period and his fight ability earned him unbelievable status as a Jedi General in his own particular right. In fact, his focus on blade work left his other Force powers rather immature.

Due to this he became full of pride and anger. He felt that the Jedi Order was keeping him. He could get dreams from the Force yet his fear and absence of dream made them cloudy and unfocused. When the Order gave him with a seat on the Council, he was not given the rank of Master and not permitted access to numerous old Holocrons and Archive records that he thought could help him save Padme’s life. This added to his bitterness for the Council.

Regardless of this, Anakin’s crude power remained boundlessly high, to such an extent that he could accomplish a condition of Oneness with the Force not once but twice! This was a deed no other Jedi or Sith has ever possessed the capacity to finish normally.

Nevertheless he was never able to achieve his maximum capacity. His duel with Kenobi left him terribly deformed, Darth Vader would tragically lose quite a bit of his Force power, decreased in contrast with having approximately 80% of the power Darth Sidious had as opposed to what he could have.

As Darth Vader, he became the most fearsome being in the Galaxy. Based on his loathing and depression, he would chase down remnants of the Order and the upstart Rebellion.He was at long last redeemed at the Battle of Endor, helping his son in crushing the Emperor and re-establishing the Force.In the netherworld, he joined Obi-Wan and Yoda, appearing to his son on a modest bunch of events and just once to his daughter Leia, who couldn’t pardon him his wrongdoings until she had a child of her own. She passed on his legacy to her youngest kid, Anakin Solo.

2. Revan

Revan once upon a time, was the best Jedi Master and most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith of his day.

Even in his childhood, Revan was viewed as unconventional in his standards when it came to the Order and his convictions. He broke off from the Order when he felt they were excessively smug in taking care of the Mandalorians with who the Republic was at war with. Close to the end in spite of his bravery and prestige amid the war, he fell to the Dark Side after manipulations of the Sith Emperor, Vitiate. He was the first to break from the Emperors’ mind control and turn into a Sith Lord all on his own, as opposed to a pawn.

Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and his apprentice Malak revamped the Sith Empire into a reckoning force. This was Revan’s endeavour to join the galaxy from his broken ways according to him. In the long run, the Jedi caught him and after months could re-establish his memories from before the time he was corrupted by the Emperor. He then helped the Jedi wreck his previous empire, while murdering his previous apprentice and companion Malak in the process.

After being restored, Revan’s powers developed to great heights. He could use the light and dark sides with such huge expertise that it was said he was the ‘purest expression of the Force itself’. As an ace swordsman, fit for duelling effortlessly, Revan picked up information over many lost Jedi and Sithpowers. He was such a splendid strategist that both Sith and Jedi were sure that any plan he developed would lead them to triumph.

Revan was a man of two universes, broken now and again. Yet he had a will that permitted him to overcome even himself and save the galaxy thrice, even from his own previous deeds. His lessons would persist on both sides of the Force for eras to come.

Through the Sith, he conferred his conviction that there ought to be a ‘Rule of Two.’ This was a principle that Darth Bane acknowledged and permitted the Sith to persevere. This eventually brought down the entire Jedi Order. Through the Jedi, Satele Shan, his descendant, would go ahead to wind up being the most youthful Grand Master in the historical backdrop of the Jedi Order and save them from destruction by the Sith. He would additionally train and bond the Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik. She herself would become a legend of the Order and the galaxy.

1. Jacen Solo

The eldest child of Han and Leia and a twin himself, Jacen Solo was one of the strongest Jedi or Sith to ever appear.

He was initially an extremely cheerful and confident young fellow. Jacen had a characteristic fondness for nearly any creature he came into contact with. He grasped a level of Force Empathy that few have ever had. Tragically the galaxy endured a repulsive war because of the Yuuzhan Vong and Jacen himself was caught. Tormented for a long time and controlled by Vergere, herself a previous Jedi amid the Clone Wars who swung to the Dark Side in her imprisonment, Jacen was changed by his experience.

After the war he went out for five years to venture to every part of the system and learn a great deal more elusive methods for the Force from different groups other than the Jedi. He learned numerous aptitudes, like the skill to transport objects over space and how to ‘Flow Walk.’ This was a type of time control where one could engrave their essence into an occasion in the past or future and convey messages or notices.

He was likewise gifted with visions, seeing the universe fall into despondency and a dark man ascend to assume control, who later would end up being Darth Krayt. Jacen was likewise a mind boggling duellist, once achieving complete Oneness with the Force itself. It was just Luke Skywalker who was his complete equivalent with a blade.

Jacen would be further ruined by Lumiya, who was the Dark Lady of the Sith and a previous devotee of Palpatine and Vader. Furtively Jacen, now Darth Cadeus, started corrupting Luke’s own son Ben towards the Dark Side. He brought about a Second Galactic Civil War to the New Republic, killed his aunt and Luke’s better half while nearly devastating the Republic. At last he was crushed by his twin sister Jaina and found redemption in his final act by sending a warning to his mate Tenel-Ka that she and their daughter were in risk.

Darth Cadeus left behind a standout amongst the most impactful legacies of any Force user. He was indirectly responsible for permitting the One Sith to go unnoticed by turning into a lightning rod of attention because of his actions and in this way permit the ascent of the dark man from his visions in Darth Krayt to develop in power as opposed to wind down. He indirectly permitted the release of the Primordial Force Monster Abeloth to be unleashed. He likewise imparted a vision to Luke of his daughter Allana as a ‘Jedi Queen’, sitting on a Throne of Balance and bringing forth peace to the galaxy.


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