10 Huge Things The Hulk Has Done.

8. He Got Beaten By Batman With A Kick To The Stomach

As indestructible as the Hulk seems to be, he stills get beaten every now and then. Generally it is because of a Power Cosmic-wielding Silver Surfer, gamma crazed Abomination or gang of cute puppies. Also, Superman has laid the smack down on the Hulkster. Furthermore, there’s the event when Batman brought down the Hulk by kicking him in the solar plexus.

Apparently, Batman is clever and is on to something when he whips out a resting gas bomb to drop Hulk like a poleaxed redwood. Mind you, this is the same creature who once held up a 150 billion ton mountain without anyone else. Who stayed standing while the Gladiator’s as-hot-as-the-centre of-the-sun heat vision blazed through his chest. Who survived Ang Lee’s Hulk.


7. Beat His Friends With A Statue Built In His Honour

In The Incredible Hulk #279, Hulk’s buddies build him a 10-ton adamantium statue since he hasn’t killed any innocent person for quite some time and put it up in Central Park. A couple of issues later, Hulk goes out of control and he tears the statue out of the ground and beats Thor with it. Not cool, Hulk.


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