8 Characters Confirmed To Appear In Han Solo Spin-Off Movie (2018).

3) Maz Kanata

When Maz and Solo met in the Force Awakens, Episode VII, it was depicted that they already knew each other very well. Representing, how they met at first and how did she get possession of Luke’s Lightsaber can help us answer many continuity related questions in the original story line. Her present in Episode VII made fans curious about her role and they do want to know about her.


4) Lando Calrissian

Han Solo’s  iconic ship Millennium Falcon was won in the Game Of Sabacc from Lando. Han and Lando share a very competitive relationship with each other; the contentious association can create a “Tango and Cash” kind of feel, that a lot of us would love to see. Moreover, if the directors want Han on pilot’s chair of Millennium Falcon, Lando is a compulsion.


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