8 Ways In Which Doctor Strange Is The New Iron Man.

6. Brains To Match The Muscle

When you look down the program, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark are undisputedly the two most astute heroes among the Avengers’ ranks. Stark is an ace engineer and Strange is a genius neurosurgeon, portrayed in the film to have a fantastic memory and perform complex operations effortlessly. Furthermore, both are quick thinkers. While Iron Man settles on a quick choice to carry the nuke through the portal in The Avengers, Strange uses his intellect and makes a time loop with to vanquish Dormammu. In addition to this, both are very powerful. As it is, Strange can twist time to his will and Iron Man can run toe-to-toe with the God of Thunder and prove to be the best. This made Iron Man the ideal anchor for the group, pretty much as it will make Strange.


5. Same Origin Story

Both Stephen Strange and Tony Stark started their origin filmsin the same position. Every character was at the highest point of their game thereby ruling their individual fields of work and turning out to be excessively self-involved. Both came across as arrogant yet charming. Furthermore, both valued cash and material belonging over friendship and love. In addition to this, both characters finished their origin motion pictures in the same manner. As it is, each was a victim of life-threatening wounds, and each looked for drastically advanced medications to battle their developing distress. Luckily, the said treatment was successful in both cases, transforming them into better, more deferential men.
The parallels between the two origin stories are eerie; Doctor Strange is just about a reboot of Iron Man, yet with a more supernatural touch. Marvel realized that the last motion picture worked, so is there any valid reason why they shouldn’t utilize a similar story to further that accomplishment with another hero for the following eight, ten years?

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