9 Amazing Facts About Darth Talon

3. Her First Mission

Darth Talon’s first mission required that she find and catch Princess Marasiah Fel, to draw out her emperor father Roan Pel. She headed out to the planet Socorro, an escape of smugglers in the Outer Rim. She found the princess stowing away in the Imperial Mission, joined by her bodyguard Imperial Knight Elke Vetter. Pel got away from the Mission, as Vetter battled with Talon in fight. Talon removed the Knights arm and leg amid the fight, and continued to torment him to pick up information on the princess. She found that the princess had gotten away on a ship known as the Mynock. The ship was piloted by previous Jedi-turned-bounty hunter, Cade Skywalker. She then followed the princess to the planet Vendaxa, where the princess was met by two more Jedi: Wolf Sazen, and Shado Vao. Tylon then obliterated the Mynock’s controls, and rigged the ship. She then rallied a group of Vanx to her guide through the Dark Side, which started assaulting the princess.


4. Battling Two Jedis

While Pel was defending herself against the Vanx, Talon drew in the two Jedi, crippling Vao with a push that pulverized his ribs. She then turned to Sazen, unleashing an effective torrent of force lightning. However, she was hindered by Pel. Pel, still rankled at the death of Vetter intended to sacrifice herself so that nobody else would be hurt because of her. This astounded Talon, and caught her off guard. She was further shocked by Cade Skywalker utilizing the force to send a huge bit of denbris at her. She was hit by the vast piece of ship, and sent flying into the close-by jungle.

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