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3 Main Characters And Actors Rumored To Return In Willow 2

3 Main Characters And Actors Rumored To Return In Willow 2

“Willow” is hands down one of the best George Lucas & Ron Howard movies, plus it comes on the top tier of “Swords and Magic” movie genre. The good part is that Disney is going to give us a Sequel of Willow, and Yes, Ron Howard is coming back to the Director’s chair. In his last Reddit Q & A session, he had told that he is interested in doing a Willow sequel, and but Disney is currently focussing myopically on expanding (“Milking”) the Star Wars franchise, so the chances of a Willow sequel is slim in next 2-3 years. However, in his recent interview with Hollywood Reporter and Latino reviews, Ron updated that he is working on a script plus he is planning to bring back the original actors for the sequel. It was emphasized that it’s going to be “Willow 2” and not some reboot/remake; this is the continuation of the original movie. Here are the names of the actors and characters who are rumored to make a comeback for the sequel:-
1. Val Kilmer As Madmartigan

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