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Hit 80s Alien-Abduction Film Flight Of The Navigator Is Getting Rebooted

Hit 80s Alien-Abduction Film Flight Of The Navigator Is Getting Rebooted

The success of Itand Stranger Things has unleashed the trend of sci-fi and fantasy concepts involving kids getting fast tracked. Now, a new project has entered the race and it belongs to the same 1980s era that the other two films were selected from. We are talking about the 1986 adventure film Flight of the Navigator which revolved around a child meeting aliens.

As reported by THR, Lucifer’s showrunner, Joe Henderson will temporarily postpone the Devil and write a script for the reboot first. The original Disney film showed a 12 year old from Florida going missing in 1978 and returning in 1986, but, not ageing even a day.

This happened because aliens (led by Max who has given voice to Paul “Pee-Wee-Herman” Reubens), needed his help to repair their damaged ship so that they could go back to their planet. We don’t yet know what all changes will be made to the story by Henderson or if the new Navigator will land in present or in a future world.

Earlier Disney had also proposed to remake a version of this film in 2009, but, that venture failed to take off and now the new Lionsgate adaptation of this film which is being produced by the Henson Co. and we can expect their puppet expertise in building the film’s cast of alien and robot characters.

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