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‘Home Alone’ Star Macaulay Culkin Has Undergone An Image Overhaul And He’s Looking Damn Fine

‘Home Alone’ Star Macaulay Culkin Has Undergone An Image Overhaul And He’s Looking Damn Fine

The 90s blockbuster Home Alone series had a young MacauleyCulkin play the lead character of Kevin McCallister. The tremendous success of the films instantly pushed the youngster into global stardom and extreme fame. Unfortunately, he came crashing down faster than he rose to fame as he failed to grapple with the life after childhood stardom.

He was into substance abuse by the time he reached his twenties, and in early 2000s, he was regularly seen heavily smoking, looking scarily bony and on the magazine front page news reports about him facing drug charges. He was often speculated to be fighting a debilitating addiction to heroin.

Then he was simply forgotten as one of the many child stars who turned out to be failures due to various drug abuse problems, however, now the 36-year-old seems to have regained control over his issues. Recently, he was seen driving out of a gas station on Sunset Boulevard, and it looked as if he had a massive image revamp which made him nearly unrecognizable.

You can have a look at the transformed Culkin with his shapely cheekbones and a nicely groomed hairstyle:

It is difficult to admit after all that has been, but, MacauleyCulkin is now looking handsome and in control.

Another heartening factor is that the star seems to be on his way back to acting in last few months. Most significantly, he will be seen as the lead character in the upcoming Seth Green comedy movie Changeland, and that’s something he is really pumped about. He recently commented on the film’s production process in South-East Asia:

It feels like a dream to be filming in Thailand with an incredible crew and some of my closest friends.”

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