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10 Rare Pictures Of Captain Janeway – Kate Mulgrew From Her Younger Days!

10 Rare Pictures Of Captain Janeway – Kate Mulgrew From Her Younger Days!

Captain Janeway is one of the most famous and controversial Captain of the Star Trek. A lot of men and women across the world idolize her, but there also tons of Trekkies, who call her the worst captain of all time – specially mocking her decision-making skills. Mulgrew, who played Captain Janeway has always struggled to get rid of her Star Trek image that got burned into people’s eyes. It’s hard for Trekkies to imagine Mulgrew in her younger age, or in any other format other than Star Fleet uniform! In this post, we are going to show you different aspects of Captain Janeway, which was hidden from you from quite some time. Go ahead, and explore the other side of legendary Kate Mulgrew.

1) The Alluring Egyptian Queen.


2) Alpha Quadrant, here I come.

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