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‘Doctor Who’ Comic Crossover Kicks Off With ‘Alpha’ Issue

‘Doctor Who’ Comic Crossover Kicks Off With ‘Alpha’ Issue

Only when the fabric of the universe is threatened; when the laws of time, space, and all of reality start to break: Only on those dire days should different incarnations of the Doctor meet.

Today is one of those days.

Titan Comics on Wednesday kicked off its “epic” Doctor Who event with the first of eight chapters dropping over three months.

Super accessible to new readers and a wonderful throwback for long-time fans, “Alpha” is a nonstop bundle of excitement; the true definition of page-turning adventure.

From tried-and-true Whovian writers George Mann and Cavan Scott, with art by the sublime Rachael Stott, the opening story moves seamlessly between characters, capturing each Doctor’s charms and eccentricities, without overwhelming the reader.

More than any other of Titan’s Doctor Who stories I’ve read, “Alpha” left me utterly gutted to reach the last page, and absolutely itching to know what happens next.

Thankfully, I won’t have long to wait. The story continues next week with a Ninth Doctor special, set for release in conjunction with the global Doctor Who Comics Day, an annual celebration held this Saturday.


Inspired by Titan’s line of Who books, this year’s event is set to be “bigger than ever before,” with new comics and collections, merchandise, variant covers, signings, and affairs at retailers and libraries around the world.

Meanwhile, the Tenth Time Lord returns with his companions next week, followed by the Eleventh Doctor (on sale Sept. 13), “Lost Dimension” Special No. 1 (Sept. 20), the Twelfth Doctor (Sept. 27), “Lost Dimension” Special No. 2 (Oct. 4), and grand finale “Omega” (Oct. 11).

Not to be upstaged by its own comic carousing, Titan also launched a new Eleventh Doctor storyline this week.

In an attempt to regain his memories, the Eleventh Doctor, Alice, and the Sapling travel to Disch, capital city of Zoline—where a trio of revolutionary inventors led the people “out of the timeless forest into an age of industry.”

But the so-called “Golden Triangle” appears to be using Gallifreyan technology, and may be hiding a Time Lord secret behind tightly closed doors.

“Strange Loops: Part One,” by writer Alex Paknadel and artist I.N.J. Culbard, and “The Lost Dimension: Alpha” are on sale now from Titan Comics for $3.99 each.

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