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‘Doctor Who’ Crossover Event Brings Back Fan-Favorite Character.

‘Doctor Who’ Crossover Event Brings Back Fan-Favorite Character.

Doctor Who kicked off its four-Doctor crossover event “The Lost Dimension” last week and the first chapter featured more Doctors than advertised and the return of a character that Doctor Who fans have been begging to see.

Spoiler Warning For Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Alpha.

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension, the new event bringing together all of Titan Comics’ ongoing Doctor Who series, kicked off with last week’s Alpha issue and the story is already proving to be a hardcore Whovians’ delight.

The issue opens with an appearance by the lovable Captain Jack Harkness, who has found himself in a bit of trouble. He puts in a distress call to the Doctor (the Ninth Doctor, specifically) but his transmission is garbled.

However, Jack Harkness isn’t the big return we were talking about. He’s popped up in Titan’s Torchwood comics, after all. Instead, it’s the figure clad in red armor who tries, and fails, to rescue Jack that has fans most excited.

Inside the armor is Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter. After she fails to save Jack from the expanding white hole, she pays a visit to the Doctor (Twelfth Doctor), who is still a professor at Bill Potts’ university when she finds him.

However, that’s not the first Doctor that Jenny encounters. As she travels she comes across the TARDIS. Jenny sees it asks, “Dad?” Inside the Tardis is none other than the Fifth Doctor.

This is a nice little Easter egg for Doctor Who fans who know a bit about the actors who have played the Doctor. Jenny was played by actress Georgia Moffett, who is actually the Doctor’s daughter. Or, a Doctor’s daughter at least, since her father is Peter Davison, the actor who was the Fifth Doctor (she’s also now the wife of Tenth Doctor actor David Tennant).

Doctor Who fans finally get to see the meeting, brief as it was, that they’ve been asking for, and “The Lost Dimension” has just begun. The story continues this Wednesday in the pages of Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor.

Moffett will reprise her role as Jenny for a series of upcoming audio dramas from Big Finish.

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