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5 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Biggest Emotionally Broken Character On “The Walking Dead”

5 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Biggest Emotionally Broken Character On “The Walking Dead”

The character of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) was a fan favorite right from the beginning because of his attitude and the implicit fan-base that originated from the star of The Boondock Saints.
From his first appearance returning from the deer hunt and discovering that his sibling Merle (Michael Rooker) was abandoned on a rooftop in Atlanta, to his latest kidnapping by the new series’ scoundrel, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Daryl has developed and felt more agony and distress than any other individual on the show. Let’s take a look at the staggering events that have shaped him into the character that he has become.

5. The Return And Death Of Merle

Merle Dixon was very abusive. He held his younger brother down and it wasn’t until he was gone that Daryl was truly ready to venture up and shine. Be that as it may, that quickly changed when Merle was brought back into his life in the second half of Season 3. With the refusal to give Merle a chance to join the prison group, Daryl broke off and ran with his sibling to unknown regions for a brief time. In any case, it was that time that made Daryl acknowledge he was a superior individual now and had a place with Rick, Glenn and the rest of the group.
Be that as it may, blood is still blood. Keeping in mind Daryl understood that he was better than his brother, that didn’t mean he didn’t require him. Along these lines, when he traced his missing brother to the site of a slaughter and came across his walker body chowing down on youthful Ben, there were tears. Obviously, Daryl needed to put a knife through his sibling’s head. The impact was severe and it place Daryl in somewhat of a dark place for the next episode.


4. Sophia’s Fate

A ton of fans loathed the second season of The Walking Dead for its long and drawn-out first half, wherein the group attempted to locate the missing daughter of Carol (Melissa McBride). However, one of the huge highlights of the season was the development of the Daryl Dixon character. With the main season just being six episodes, of which Daryl just showed up in four, there wasn’t much substance to him past his terrible disposition and act first/think later nature. In any case, Season 2 and the hunt for Sophia truly added some spark to the character and demonstrated a side that was all the more caring.
In this way, when Sophia came out of the barn as a walker, it was an immense hit to everybody, particularly Daryl. He had built up closeness with Carol over their central goal, supported her on numerous events and ensured her that everything would be fine. The disclosure that the entire hunt was futile was so devastating that he shut himself off from the group until the passing of another dearest character, Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) dragged him back in and he began building up a bond with Rick.

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