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7 Ways Negan Psychologically Shattered Rick In The Walking Dead

7 Ways Negan Psychologically Shattered Rick In The Walking Dead

Lots of things happened in the season debut and despite the fact that a few characters were ruthlessly slaughtered off, the greatest setback and principle centre of the episode was really Rick. In fact, it was actually Rick’s magnificent leadership and never say die attitude.
To put it plainly, through shows, psychological recreations, and a ton of brutality, Negan has shown Rick who the real man in charge is in the New World. Despite the fact that Rick’s submission was completely exhibited in the debut of season 7, Negan has been overwhelmingly bending Rick to his will since the past season. Here’s how…

7. The Killings
This was probably the least subtle mind game Negan played, yet it was the highly effective. Crushing in the heads of your friends and family can truly make you submit to your tormentor’s will. He brought his bat, Lucille, down on the victims’ heads once and after that let them bleed and endure the pain. In addition to this, he let the others watch them. Subsequent to that, he goes crazy and brings the bat down many more times, making a heap of mush of Abraham and Glenn’s brains.

6. The Army
As season 6 drew to an end, we observed the misery Rick and his group were confronting. They were sweating, yelling, and totally out of ideas on how to escape.
In every step, the group encountered Negan’s armed force i.e. their approaching fate. Every time the groups’ troop came to confront unnerving looking men, they turned around and took another course, just to find othergroup of similarly alarming looking men waiting for them. There was no escape, no way of winning, and no reason for running. Negan, through the key setting of his army, made a point to Rick and his gang.

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