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Could One Of These 7 Actresses Play Negen’s Wife “Lucille”?

Could One Of These 7 Actresses Play Negen’s Wife “Lucille”?

We the team recently went through “Here’s Negan” comic book series; it introduced us to the humane side of the most infamous, foul-mouthed womanizer, the Negen! Many fans, us included, have stated interest in having this epic storyline in the television show. The backstory of Negen is intense and somewhat similar to that of Rick! Since this news broke all over the internet, it won’t be a spoiler if we disclose the fact that the bloodthirsty vampire bat Lucille is not just a baseball bat with a barbed wire wrapped around it. If you are one of that nit-picky hardcore reader, who doesn’t want their comic book spoiled stop reading now! For those who want to have the insights into what to expect in future, there is an exciting revelation ahead. Lucille “the bat” got it’s name from Negen’s wife who dies of cancer and turns into a walker, in front of Negen. Yes, that is the major plot point in the backstory that traumatizes Negens already abrasive personality (Negen use to be a guy who cusses a lot long before the death of his wife and the apocalypse, in short, he wasn’t a very nice guy), turning him into an inhumane psychopathic gang leader. Keeping in mind Jeffery Dean Morgan has signed an extended contract with The Walking Dead showrunners and also the importance of his backstory, it’s only a matter of time before this storyline gets its television version. So far there is no confirmation on who will be the lucky lady to get the iconic part of Lucille. Still, we must admit that Here’s Negen comic book series is so engaging and full of revelations about negan that soon after reading the comics we started debating with our team and friends speculating and guessing the actress best suited to play the character of Lucille. However, this quickly turned into a conversation revolving around actresses over the age of 40 years, who have played the role of the cancer patient and who’s looking could fit the mood of The walking dead.Despite there not being many, here is a list of 7 actresses that we think could be the choice and may even do justice to the character. We humbly welcome and want our readers to feel free to add their voice to the debate in the comments below!




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  1. Elfha Malijan

    November 4, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Rose McGowan ?????

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