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“Hold the hand of someone you care about. It’s a heavy episode.” – NORMAN REEDUS!

“Hold the hand of someone you care about. It’s a heavy episode.” – NORMAN REEDUS!

It’s a matter of a couple of hours before we will get to know, who is going to face the wrath of Lucille in Walking Dead. Our main-main, Norman Reedus, the stunning actor, apt sculpturist, qualified painter, and passionate photographer at a social event told the entertainment media channels that

“Bring a blankie, hold the hand of someone you care about. It’s a heavy episode.”

After this, he added – “You see these people do their best and go through these journeys. You see them grow and change, you see them fight for each other,” he explained. “You see people grow stronger together in a world that’s supposed to be ripping them apart. It’s very heartfelt; it’s very honest. And it’s good storytelling.” Our Badass Dixon says that he is relieved that finally, the show is going to air because he was getting tired and “a bit crazy” of answering the same question “Who is going to face the villainous bat of Negan?”

Norman is an incredibly good shooter in real life; he has owned multiple crossbows. He revealed – “I have probably seven crossbows by now. I keep one every year.” Reedus says, insisting that he’s a good shot too, “but you’re not allowed to fire a live weapon on set.

Brace yourself Walking Dead lovers, we may get a huge Shock tonight


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  1. Joy

    November 4, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    Toni Collette would be an excellent choice! She looks like she would instantly click w/Negan!

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