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10 Stupid Decisions Made By Game of Thrones Characters

10 Stupid Decisions Made By Game of Thrones Characters

If you have seen Game of Thrones you would know how almost every character makes some stupid decisions in it and gets killed because of them. The show is clever but that doesn’t mean the characters are too. There are so many great characters that are dead because of their stupid decisions and still, the stupidity goes on. Let us take a look at some of these characters and their stupid decisions that had huge consequences:

10. Robert’s hunting trip:

We all know Robert hated being king and therefore sucked at it but he was also a stupid and careless person. He didn’t want to do his job so he brought Ned to King’s lading so that he would have someone to do his work for him. Then one day Robert decides to go hunting and even has some wine on the way. He ends up getting attacked by a boar and dies because of his wounds. Such a waste of a character and what a stupid decision.

9. Bran’s climbing hobby:

We saw in the very first season how Bran enjoyed climbing towers and even though his mother warned him not to do so he kept climbing. He even promised his mother that he would stop climbing towers but of course he was lying. This hobby of his led to him becoming a cripple and changed his life. Some would say that the fall made him who he is and was necessary but if Bran could still use his legs then things would have been very different for him and definitely better.

8. Arya letting her guard down:

When Arya thought she was now leaving Braavos and going home she took a moment to relax and just look forward to it. This proved to be a huge mistake as that was the moment she was attacked by the Waif and stabbed multiple times. This was a very stupid thing to do for Arya as out of all people she knew the danger she was in and still let her guard down.

7. Jaime and Cersei getting intimate in Winterfell:

So Jaime and Cersei have an incestuous affair that is almost the root cause of all the major issues in the plot. So they have a secret affair right under Robert’ nose which is already stupid but they even decide to get intimate in Winterfell where they are guests is so stupid. They end up getting caught and push Bran out of the tower and then try to assassinate him which leads to Catelyn getting Tyrion arrested and on and on it went. They could have just waited till they got back to king’s landing instead!

6. Robb Stark’s decision:

So Robb Stark was supposed to marry one of Walder Frey’s daughters but ended up breaking that promise because he fell in love with Talisa. We understand that he was in love but in the world of GOT you can’t just break such a promise and then stay alive. Also when the person you betray is Walder Frey. Robb was warned by Catelyn how Walder Frey would never forgive him and still Robb takes his army to the Freys seeking their help in war. Could he be any stupid? His stupidity led to the red wedding!

5. Oberyn’s thirst for vengeance:

Elia Martell was raped and killed by the mountain and her children killed too so of course Oberyn wanted revenge. He was winning his battle with the mountain but he needed a confession from him which made him lose a fight he was winning so easily. This has to be the stupidest thing that happened in this show! Oberyn was a great character and had so much charisma but his thirst for vengeance got him killed and he died a gruesome death at the hands of his enemy.

4. Mance Raydar refusing to bend the knee:

When Mance was told by Stannis to bend the knee and fight for him he refused saying he didn’t kneel for any king. If Mance had bent the knee then the story would have unfolded differently as Mance not supporting led to Stannis losing to the Boltons and Ramsey coming to power. It also led to Jon Snow being murdered and even little Shireen getting killed by her own father who was desperate to win the war.

3. Ned confronting Cersei:

All we can think of in this case is WHY!? Ned Stark may have been honourable and kind but he was stupid and anyone who isn’t blind can see that. So he found out the secret of Jaime and Cersei’s incestuous affair and all of Cersei’s children being Lannisters instead of Baratheons and chose to confront Cersei about it! How stupid can you get really. He should have went straight to Robert and should have had some backup to fight the Lannisters before even revealing this information.

2. Bran being Bran:

Bran doesn’t like to follow any rules and this was established very early in the show and so he does it again. The three eyed raven made it very clear that Bran wasn’t ready to enter visions alone yet but still Bran has the need to do so and he enters a vision alone leading to the night king marking him which led to the cave losing all security and the white walkers getting their location and Hodor and summer dying…WHY BRAN WHY! The night king marking Bran could lead to even bigger consequences and we would get to know about them in the next season.

1. People trusting Littlefinger:

Littlefinger is a snake and he can’t help it so he does warn people not to trust him from time to time. What more can he do? Still people are stupid enough to trust him and so he ends up destroying them. Ned Stark trusted him then Catelyn and then even Sansa and all of them suffered huge consequences because of it. Littlefinger loves chaos and has caused it multiple times. Now that Bran knows things about him we would surely see his fall soon and hopefully by the Starks themselves.

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