10 Things We Know About Game Of Thrones So far

We have compiled a record of the recent information we have on Games Of Thrones related to your entire favorite characters, plotlines, and what is going to occur in Season 7. Here goes….

1. This Sesaon

The next season will be the next-to-last season of Game of Thrones, so that they can conclude its run after the eighth season in 2018. Unlike previous seasons which contained ten episodes, this season will have seven, whilst season eight will have six.


2. Daenerys

Daenerys will arrive on her birthplace of Dragonstone together with her Unsullied and her advisors in the season. Principally missing at this primary touchdown are Theon, Yara and the remaining of the Ironborn. Theon will show up later. The Dragon Queen may also be involved in an ambush-style attack on a Lannister navy with at the least one of her dragons and part of her Dothraki horde.

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