8 Major Revelations From Star Wars: Episode VIII.

The Force Awakens sequel is not going to be released before another year and a half. However, we got a considerable measure of information on what we can expect in December 2017. Here’s the eight greatest.

8. It Was Plotted By The Filmmaker’s Reaction To The Force Awakens While Production

Episode VIII will play into the master plan of the progressing Star Wars saga. However, the real improvement of the story and characters inside the film seems to originate from a more individual point of view. The movie is a result of Rian Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy and the story gang’s response to the characters of Episode VII being developed then.The gang began building up the film when The Force Awakens was still underway. Therefore, they were working with the crude characters and giving their own emotions a chance to guide the way.


7. It Begins At The End Of Episode VII

This was something that was expected ever after indications of Johnson directing a recreation of the end of The Force Awakens came out. However, Episode VIII is going to break from Star Wars convention and start right where the last film left off. Johnson stated that he needed to see that first interaction between Luke and Rey, as opposed to skipping ahead. It additionally fills in as a return to the serial motivation for the first Star Wars, where every “episode” would take after on from the past. Whether this sets a pattern for Episode IX stays to be seen. Most likely, the film will begin and the crawl will be a recount of Episode VII with a touch of new information. Furthermore, the opening scene will have the Falcon flying towards Ahch-To.


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