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5 Reasons Why Lucas Should Come Back And Film Another Star Wars Movie

5 Reasons Why Lucas Should Come Back And Film Another Star Wars Movie

How about George Lucas coming back and making another Star Wars trilogy, next year? Some fans will swoon over this possibility while for, they are seething over one batch of Star Wars films. Here are 5 reasons why Lucas should get cracking on another trilogy next year.


1. It’s not a stretch.

 Lucasfilm has been building the Star Wars cinema and since The Phantom Menace landed in 1999. The Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series was a great hit. Another Star Wars live-action TV series followed. Using this, it is more than 80 hours of Star Wars storytelling.

2. The last trilogy was not great.

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars trilogy did not meet the expectations created by the first one. Talking about the second trilogy, it finished strong with dark and dystopian Revenge of the Sith, the film could not wash away the stain of Jar Jar Binks or Anakin.

3. It’s for a good cause.

George Lucas had pledged a lot of his prodigious estate to charity. Even the haters admitted that three features would bring another truckload of cash.

4. Other movies need the competition.

Star Wars gave birth to a generation of sci-fi cinema in 1977. At least until movies like Avatar came along. Cameron’s 3-D experiment is the highest-grossing film as well as a benchmark for blockbuster sci-fi cinemas. A Star Wars trilogy raising the immersive 3-D stakes could bring the Oscar statues to Lucas.

5. Star Wars purists need a diaper change.

We saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977 But it is hard not to laugh when the fandom goes crazy over a possibility of another film trilogy by Lucas next year. Lucas makes a busload of bank (for Skywalker Ranch and charity, remember) by making movies for every childhood.

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