7 Important Facts About Darth Bane – The Most Hideous Character In Star Wars Saga!

In the history of Star Wars, there has been no Sith as influential and badass as Darth Bane. He is someone who started off as a miner, then ended up joining the Sith military. He was responsible for saving his entire unit from a suicide mission, which helped him join the Sith Lords, whom he believed were too weak and hence wiped them out completely and created his own Sith order. His Sith order eventually ruled the Galaxy.
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1. Early Days

Dessel was the name with which Darth Bane was born on the planet Apatros in 1026 BBY (1026 years before A New Hope). His alcoholic father blamed him for the death of his mother and referred to him as a bane of his existence. In his early days, he even served as a cortosis miner. One day he killed his father by simply envisioning his hand squeezing his heart. His second encounter with his powers comes when he pisses off some Republic troopers in a game of Sabacc and they, in turn, ambush him. He ends up killing a Republic ensign. This made it necessary to flee the planet and therefore, his friend enlisted him with the Sith so that he can stay safe from the Republic.

2. Joining The Sith

As a part of the Brotherhood of Darkness, Dessel rose quickly to the rank of Sergeant, which is also referred to as the Gloom Walkers. He also earned the respect of everyone in the military because of his skills, except for his commander who always ended up taking all the credit for his achievements. The Gloom Walkers once received instructions for a mission and his commander wanted to follow them through. But Dessel saw that it was a suicide mission, and since he did not want to die, he took command away by force and led his army to combat. With his approach, the suicide mission for the Sith turned into a massacre of the Republic soldiers. In spite of this great achievement, his commander ended up reporting him to Sith Lord Kopecz.


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