Ben Affleck Says ‘Justice League’ Is The Biggest Movie He Has Done

Ben Affleck Says ‘Justice League’ Is The Biggest Movie He Has Done

With the upcoming Justice League movie bringing the biggest heroes of DCU together, there is no doubt that the film movie will match that large scale. Ben Affleck says that Justice League is not only big, but it is the biggest movie he has ever been involved with.

In the recent issue of Empire Magazine (via Comic Book Movie), Affleck said that the Justice League movie is larger than anything he has ever done before.

“The movie’s bigger in scale than any movie I’ve been involved with my career,” Affleck said. “It feels massive regarding the visual elements.”

In addition to BvS, Affleck starred in Pearl Harbor which had huge visual elements and effects. If JL had not started out as Zack Snyder’s vision, the movie would have been small. Big and visually stunning is a Snyder hallmark.

“That’s something Zack is really good at,” Affleck said. “That will be admired.”

Affleck’s praise of Snyder reinforces that despite Whedon taking the helm of the movie, Justice League is still Snyder’s movie. It is a sentiment Affleck’s costar Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) shares.

“This is Zack Snyder’s movie,” Gadot said. “Joss only did a few weeks of reshoots. He was Zack’s guy and knew exactly what he wanted to get.”

Justice League currently has a 4.18 out of 5 User Anticipation Rating, making it the third most anticipated upcoming comic book movie among users.

Let us know how much you’re looking forward to Justice League by giving the movie your own personal User Anticipation Rating below.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17, 2017.

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