Top 5 Choices For Gotham City Sirens

We know by now that David Ayer is back to the DCEU to direct the movieGotham City Sirens, For those who aren’t aware, the Sirens are a group from DC comics. The members of this particular group are Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. The Sirens are incessant enemy of the Bat-family, and the team is a standout amongst the most engaging groups in DC.
We chose to bring to you names of actors who we feel are apt to fit into the role. So, here we have it for you….

1. Holly Robinson – Zoe Kravitz

Not many may know Holly Robinson, but she has an essential impact on the Sirens. It’s the character of a young woman lady who’s lost her and Catwoman brings her to the fold. Through the tutelage of Selina Kyle, Holly winds up becoming a real rebel. Later on, she even takes over the Catwoman mantle.
For a “youthful rebel”, we needn’t look beyond Zoe Kravitz. The lady has transformed into a star in the recent years with vital parts in X-Men: First Class, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Divergent.


2. Catwoman – Paula Patton

In addition to the Catwoman being the key to the Sirens motion picture, she will also be a vital person to the character of Batman all through his movies. Hence, you must cast somebody who will work in perfect sync with Ben Affleck.
For this reason, Paula Patton would be mind-blowing featuring opposite him. She’s demonstrated she can turn into a to a great love interest to a performer like Affleck. If we look at her past, Patton has had fantastic chemistry with stars like Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, and Tom Cruise. With Paula Patton’s action, there is no way that Catwoman could turn out badly.

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